The characteristics of an inexpensive NVIDIA RTX 3050 video card appeared (3 photos)

In the near future, NVIDIA will launchthe market is a new, the most inexpensive in the line of 3D-cards GeForce RTX 30 video card labeled GeForce RTX 3050. On the Geekbench benchmark appeared the results of testing the RTX 3050 and some technical parameters of the video card. At the same time, it is confirmed that the device will first use the Ampere GA107 graphics processor.

New model of video cards GeForce RTX 3050designed for laptops and receives 16 compute units, each with 128 CUDA cores. In total, the video card has 2048 cores. The standard RTX 3050 model will receive 4GB of GDDR6 RAM.

At the same time, a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti video card was spotted on the ASUS website. Most likely, both video cards will appear on the market at the same time.