Motorola guarantees continuous operation of the bent screen RAZR

The return of the legendary "clamshell" MotorolaRAZR in the form factor of the bent smartphone was positively received by fans of the company's products, but at the same time doubts arose about the durability of the flexible Flex View display with a diagonal of 6.2 inches.

The new Motorola RAZR smartphone got flexiblethe screen that folds inward is similar to the screen of a smartphone of the competitor Samsung Galaxy Fold, which at one time demonstrated very mediocre capabilities caused by frequent failures and deformation of the fold. Meanwhile, Motorola developers claim that they have taken this issue seriously and RAZR will not have such problems.

According to experts before the release of MotorolaRAZR conducted all the necessary test tests of the Flex View display. As a result of a long study, engineers came to the conclusion that the RAZR screen will work efficiently and without technical malfunctions during the average life of smartphones.

Motorola also said thatGiven the innovative nature of the technology, the company creates a “world-class service package” that provides services to each RAZR owner. Currently, the distribution of such a package will be available exclusively to users from the United States, but in the future the package can also be provided to owners of a clamshell smartphone from other countries.

Motorola Service Packageprompt repair within 24 hours in case of failure of the display or other RAZR breakdowns. If the user has not violated the operating conditions, but the screen has broken, his replacement will be free. In case of violation of the warranty conditions, the replacement of the display will cost the user $ 299.

Given that a similar replacement for traditionaliPhone 11 smartphones cost $ 199, iPhone 11 Pro costs $ 279, and iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 329, which is not too high. If we compare the cost of replacing the flexible screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, then the preferential price of $ 149 will only be valid until the end of 2019, then the user will have to pay $ 599 to replace the screen.