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# photo | InSight probe successfully landed on the surface of Mars

This photo was taken by the InSight probe after a successfullanding on the surface of Mars. Mission operators at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory received a signal from the InSight lander that it had landed on the surface of Mars. In the coming hours, engineers will be refining how the spacecraft feels. So far, we can say for sure: the landing went as planned.

InSight landed on the surface of Mars. What will happen to him next?

After confirming a successful landing, as we have alreadythey said the serious mission of the scientific module would begin. While on the surface of Mars, InSight will remain stationary, so it can measure the planet's tiny vibrations during Marsquakes, capturing the sound waves of these events to understand what the interior of Mars is made of. Over the next two to three months, InSight will use a robotic arm to deploy two of its primary tools: a seismometer and a self-driving nail. A seismometer will listen to earthquakes, and a nail will try to drill nearly five meters of the surface of Mars to measure the planet's internal temperature.

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