Samsung unveils conceptual flexible screens (5 photos)

Before the conference opens this weekSociety for Information Display (SID) Samsung Display developers have presented conceptual solutions for new foldable displays. These are “S” folding screens and sliders analogs.

Applying screen transformation according to the "S" schemewill provide the user with the possibility of various options for the size of the smartphone. In the demo model, the maximum screen diagonal when unfolding the display in both places was 7.2 inches. With one folding, a more compact device is obtained. The front camera in the prototype is taken out of the screen and is located on the left side of the smartphone.

In addition, Samsung has shown a "stretching"a device created on the principle of sliders. The display stretches horizontally by a couple of tens of millimeters and makes it easier to work with multimedia and multitasking.

Another novelty presented by Samsung Displayhas become a 17-inch folding flexible screen-book, similar to the Microsoft Surface Neo and having an aspect ratio of 4: 3, which will allow the device to be used in both landscape and portrait orientations. Also presented were almost frameless laptops that ensure maximum use of the front surface area of ​​the computer and have a sub-screen camera.