Game from NASA - try on the role of the pilot of SpaceX Crew Dragon

NASA specialists in between tasksOn space exploration, they took up more mundane work and created an application that can turn users into virtual astronauts flying on the prototypes of real spaceships. The player will be able to go a long way from choosing a vehicle, giving preference to one of the spacecraft: SpaceX Crew Dragon or Boeing Starliner, as well as one of the missions including docking with the ISS.

Now "sofa experts" will be able to become "sofa astronauts" and, using game emulation Rocket Science: Ride 2 Station from NASA to go through all the stages of a space flight by independently choosing a spacecraft, determining the launch date, selecting a crew and determining a further mission.

The application is not intended to create anotherspace game emulator, and seeks to acquaint all curious inhabitants of the Earth with the technologies and technical characteristics of modern spacecraft. And the process of simulating manual docking with the ISS should at least partially convey the sensations of real astronauts completing missions that require maximum concentration and attention.

In the built-in reference in the application, you canfind detailed information on modern spacecraft, biographies of 10 astronauts, information on advanced technologies used in space exploration. An application for mobile systems is already available in the AppStore store for owners of devices running iOS, a version based on Unity has been created for desktop computers.

Source: TechCrunch