Best and worst maintainability devices of 2019 according to iFixit

One of the most important technical characteristicsany device is its suitability for repair. Modern expensive gadgets can not always be quickly and efficiently repaired, which leads to unreasonably high costs and time. Specialists of the iFixit resource rated the devices launched on the market in 2019 by their maintainability, highlighting the best gadgets in terms of this indicator, and identifying outsiders of this rating.

The leader in maintainability has become modularSmartphone Fairphone 3, the main property of which developers have made the suitability for the rapid replacement of parts. The smartphone received 10 points out of 10, and became the absolute leader - no other device in the past year was able to achieve such an indicator.

The second among the most successful devices wasMac Pro, which simultaneously won the title of Apple's most maintainable gadget. The Xbox One S All Digital Edition game console took third place with 8 points.

Among the losers of the iFixit rating should beidentify three devices that have become essentially disposable and completely unsuitable for repair. The “leader” in this category was the Apple AirPods Pro wireless headphones, which received zero points from experts, which indicates an absolute unsuitability for repair.

In second place with 1 point 16inch laptop Apple MacBook Pro, and on the third smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen, which is a pioneer of this technology, the development of which remains to be paid great attention.

Experts noted positive developments of the companyMicrosoft increased the maintainability of Surface 3 laptops to 5 points, while the first models of the Surface Laptop series always got solid “0”.

Source: iFixit