There was a video of unboxing the new iPad Pro with a mini-LED screen (4 videos)

Presented at Apple's Spring Presentationthe refreshed iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen is now shipping to early adopters. One of the first to demonstrate the process of unpacking and testing the new items was Reddit user u / PeterDragon50, who also posted a video demonstrating the iPad Pro's capabilities on the JustVids YouTube channel.

In the demo video you can see thatthe design of the updated iPad Pro has not changed and completely repeats the solutions implemented in the previous generation of tablets. In addition to unpacking, the video shows the use of the iPad Pro along with the proprietary Magic Keyboard case. Recall that the new tablet is powered by the M1 processor, and the AnTuTu test results showed a unique result - 1,115,337 points, which surpasses all similar indicators for mobile gadgets.

The user devoted most of the video to the reviewscreen made on the basis of mini-LED technology. Apple developers claim the iPad Pro's screen consists of 10,000 miniature self-illuminating LEDs with 2,596 independent local dimming zones.

New technology allows, by analogy with OLEDscreens, show the true black color, which is ensured by simply switching off the specified pixels in the corresponding area of ​​the screen. However, unlike OLED screens, the new matrix has no visible color distortion when viewed from an angle, and pixels do not fade. According to the author of the video, the first impression of the screen has surpassed all expectations, and the updated display performs significantly better than the screens of tablets of previous generations of iPad.

In Russia, the updated iPad Pro tablets running on the proprietary Apple M1 processor can be purchased at a price of 106,990 rubles.