Apple will produce its own modems

High-tech giants seek to createfull technological cycle of in-house production of basic modules for smartphones. The company Apple for the development of its own unit producing mobile modems has acquired a specialized division of Intel for $ 1 billion.

As a result, Apple has significantly expanded (by 17thousands of patents) database of company-owned patent developments related to protocols and mobile modem architecture. Also in the division of Apple, working on the creation of smartphones will flow 2,200 employees of Intel. At the same time, Intel will continue to develop processors for computers, the Internet of things and unmanned vehicles.

In addition, Intel will come to gripsdeveloping technologies for 5G networks, to create a competitive product to the undoubted leader in this area, the company from China Huawei. The deal on the transfer of the unit working on mobile modems to Apple will be completed before the end of 2019 after its approval by regulators.

In the spring of 2019, after long disputes, Applenevertheless signed a contract with Qualcomm, providing for the supply of mobile modems, including those supporting 5G technology. The transition program to own modems may take Apple just three years.

Source: bloomberg