Russians will go online upon presentation of a passport

Another innovation may deprive Russiancitizens of anonymity when working and having fun on the World Wide Web. This time, the initiative does not come from the legislators themselves, but from the Avanti Association of Entrepreneurs for the Development of Business Patriotism, a public organization that previously showed its intention to introduce a celebration of the anniversary of the food embargo.

The essence of the offer of patriots from business isthe need for complete registration of citizens when using the Internet. To enter the global network, a citizen of the Russian Federation will need a passport, according to Avanti. For identification, however, an electronic version of the document will be required, and persons under the age of 18 will have to seek help from parents or the people responsible for the upbringing of adolescents.

The need for such an innovation in Avantidue to the desire "... to personify any action" on the Internet, which will limit the possibility of committing unlawful acts, or leave an unambiguous trace that allows you to identify the offender. Another important factor for the initiators of business patriots is the need to protect minors from the harmful influence of the Internet.

The representative of the legislators from the LDPR has already expressed readiness to initiate discussion of such a proposal. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the President of the Russian Federation noted that this proposal violates the rights of citizens.

Source: tass