Huawei rewards employees for resilience while countering US sanctions

For diligence and labor enthusiasm intrade war with the United States, all Huawei employees will be rewarded with a double salary for the month of November. In addition, particularly distinguished employees will receive individual bonuses.

Throughout the trade confrontationChina and the USA, Huawei was subjected to the most severe pressure, which, however, continued to show positive dynamics in sales and production. Such results could only be achieved with a close-knit work collective, inspired by a common goal. The management of the company is aware of the benefits of corporate patriotism and is going to reward the labor impulse with the help of a substantial wage supplement.

To pay bonuses and rewards Huaweiallocated $ 285 million, which are primarily due to developers who provided the company with tough sanctions that led to the loss of access to Google services. Also, bonuses will be awarded to hardware developers from the HiSilicon division working on their own Huawei chipsets. In addition, all employees of the corporation in the amount of 190 thousand employees will receive double wages by November 15, 2019.

Source: huaweicentral