Cancer Cure, Cosmic Coffee and Other High-Tech News

Every week in the high-tech worldSomething interesting is happening: some are flying to Mars, others are producing robots, others are showing the relationship between the number of potatoes eaten and depression (yes, we are about British scientists). We tried to collect all the most interesting things for the last 7 days and now we will tell!

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one. Let's start with the main thing - the scientists announced the creationdrugs that completely destroy cancer! Israeli experts have assured that they have developed a cure for cancer, which kills malignant cells without any side effects. The principle of its action lies in the fact that cancer cells will be killed by tiny peptides, enveloping each cell from all sides.

It sounds cool, but so far the company has been successful.tests the drugs in mice and recognizes that testing in humans can take several years. Her statement has already been criticized by experts: most of them doubt that the medicine is effective against all types of disease.

But in general, the news is very good - at a pace that we will soon find a cure for cancer. What will scientists do then?

2 Meanwhile in Dubai, it seems, no longer know, onwhat else to spend money: built skyscrapers, scattered oases, airports change like gloves. And here a startup from the UAE called Space Roasters thought: what if selling coffee made in space?

The company developed and patented the “spacecapsule for roasting coffee. It is divided into four cylindrical sections in each of which 75 kilograms of coffee beans will be placed. When you descend into the atmosphere, the capsule will heat up, and ideal conditions for roasting coffee beans will be created inside it, the authors of the project say.

In terrestrial conditions, coffee beans come into contact withred-hot brazier, because of what often burn and crack. But in space, due to zero gravity, when the ship re-enters back into the atmosphere, they will freely float inside the capsule and fry evenly. How much will a kilogram of such coffee cost? 20,000 dollars! And what, sheikhs afford.

3 After chess and go artificial intelligenceconquered ... StarCraft! DeepMind broadcast showed that its robot with artificial intelligence AlphaStar defeats professional player in a complex real-time strategy (RTS) StarCraft II. The champion of mankind, a 25-year-old Pole, became the very “cancer on the midpoint” and flew off with the score 5: 0.

The DeepMind feat is the hardest in longthe chain of contests that computers imposed on the best of the world of people in games and in which they won. Checkers fell in 1994, chess in 1997, in 2016 AlphaGo conquered the game of go. StarCraft robot is the most powerful player in the world of artificial intelligence; and his arrival was waiting.

AlphaStar trained on StarCraft on recordingshalf a million games between people, then playing with constantly improving clones of himself in the virtual league, which represents a kind of digital evolution. The best bots that appeared in this league accumulated experience equivalent to 200 years of gameplay!

four. Do you think immortality is possible only in the movies? Underground microbes have practically reached it! Back in the late 1920s, a scientist named Charles Lipman began to suspect that there are bacteria in the stones. And it seems he was right.

Scientists believe that there are also bacterial cells on our planet that began life 50 million years before the advent of dinosaurs, which may begin to divide again tomorrow. It is breathtaking.

Such conclusions do not seem so straightforwardIf we consider that microbes buried deep under the earth's surface are protected from cosmic radiation. But what kind of life! Epochs spent in the burial in a dark, airless, silent matrix, barely feeding, barely breathing, barely moving, barely living. But not dead. It seems we just wrote a great script for a new horror.

five. Have you been to a museum for a long time? Think about it. This spring, a unique guest will be waiting for visitors to the Salvador Dali Museum in the American city of St. Petersburg (yes, almost our Petersburg). Within the framework of the exhibition “Dalí Lives”, which will open its doors in April, an interactive AI-copy of the great Spanish surrealist painter will welcome all museum guests.

The museum invited a team of professionals whoShe used Dali's videotapes to train artificial intelligence to imitate the artist's mimicry, and then put this effect on an actor with a similar build. The virtual artist will comment on both his own works and the events that occurred after his death in 1989.

The idea is cool, but it looks a bit ... creepy. Especially when you know that Dali died 30 years ago.

This is the main news from the world of high technology for the week. Would you like to try cosmic coffee? Write about it in our Telegram chat.