Facebook tracks users with a camera

Facebook is having trouble againconfidentiality. A violation of personal space was revealed by one of the clients of the social network, having accidentally discovered a rather unpleasant bug, as a result of which the camera of the iPhone smartphone was activated while surfing on the Facebook application.

A breach of privacy was discovered whenscrolling through Facebook feeds. The user, having looked at the next image, tried to close it, but at that moment he saw on the screen the carpet of his own room, which indicated that the camera turned on spontaneously.

During the check on other smartphones wasAn interesting peculiarity of the bug was found out - it worked only on the iPhone, running the version on iOS 13.2.2. On smartphones for Android and iOS 12, an error was not detected.

It is likely that the client is socialthe network itself provided the application with access to the camera, however, according to human rights activists, such attempts to turn on the cameras should only occur after the direct permission of the client. Self-activation of the camera should be blocked by operating systems.

Source: thenextweb