Battery explosion in a vacuum cleaner, scooter or phone. What should be feared?


I constantly come across stories about some device “exploding”, and the owner in one or another

suffered the least.Unfortunately, in most cases, the cause of the trouble lies in the ignorance of the person, saving on their own safety and ignoring simple rules of conduct. Let's try together to figure out in what situations it is impossible to use electronics, how batteries can fail.

I'll start with the paradoxical, at first glance,statements: the main problem of today's electronics and the batteries that are used in it is their reliability. The market has matured enough to create batteries that can withstand extreme loads, in the days of push-button phones, there were more problems with batteries than today, when measured as a percentage of the number of devices. In absolute numbers, the statistics are not in favor of the present, we have too many different devices with built-in batteries, and they can create problems for us. Let's look at stories that excite the mind.

12-year-old schoolgirl from Moscow leaned onrailing, between it and the railing was clamped phone. The Xiaomi smartphone began to smoke, the girl threw it aside, where the device was already on fire. The photographs show that the girl slightly burned her hands (burns of the first degree, the most insignificant). A passing teacher put out the phone with a fire extinguisher. Nothing threatens the girl's health, the event itself rather caused a commotion.

I'll start simple - most manufacturerssmartphones and other equipment put batteries that can withstand almost any load. In any case, we do not have thousands of cases every day when the batteries flare up. With about 6 billion working devices in the world, the statistics should be noticeable, but they are not. However, the reliability of smartphones has a downside - they are used even after they have been damaged, and the probability of their failure is maximum. I'm sure you've seen people using smartphones with broken screens, there are people using smartphones with swollen batteries. The latter is very bad, it is a direct road to the situation that happened to the schoolgirl. It is much easier to crush the shell of a swollen battery; upon contact with air, it will begin to smoke and may even flare up. This is not Xiaomi's problem, devices of all brands behave this way without exception. And that's okay!

Look at the swollen battery, it squeezed out the cover of the phone, it cracked. It is difficult not to notice this, you cannot use such a device, you need to immediately replace the battery.

Many people prefer to choose a service thatis located nearby and offers “batteries comparable to original ones”. It must be remembered that there are original batteries and all the rest. Among the rest, the quality varies widely - the cheaper the battery, the more opportunities to run into problems in real life. It can overheat, it can inflate and so on. It’s definitely not worth experimenting here, it’s cheaper to pay for a high-quality battery, preferably from a well-known manufacturer. Read reviews, as a rule, people talk about their experience in this area.


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After replacing the battery on any device, itfalls into the risk group (of course, if you put a non-original battery). This means that you cannot treat such a device carelessly, you need to look after it. We must not forget such devices on charge, leave home, leaving them connected to the network. They are a potential hazard. And if problems with the phone, most likely, will not lead to sad consequences, then a robot vacuum cleaner or a scooter can burn your apartment to the ground.

Charging large devices where availableother items that can burn well are a so-so idea. For example, many people charge scooters wherever they have to - in the corridor, on the balcony, in the living room. Please choose a location wisely, preferably one where there is no combustible material nearby, such as window tulle, in the event of a potential fire. I will make a reservation that the same scooters or vacuum cleaners are safe in the vast majority of cases, problems happen when the battery is replaced with a non-original one or when the native battery is damaged - this can be both visually understood and assessed by the fact that the battery does not charge as usual and as it should. People ignore such details, turn a blind eye to the fact that the device does not work as intended. It is definitely worth paying attention to such bells, they cannot be ignored.

When buying the cheapest devices, remember thatthe manufacturer could save on the battery. A special risk group is the purchase of robotic vacuum cleaners and other equipment in Chinese stores abroad. You do not know what will be brought to you and what quality. There is always a chance that the battery of such a device will burn out. Look at the photo, the owners of this vacuum cleaner escaped with a slight fright, there were no objects nearby that would support combustion.

In Volgodonsk, the family was lucky in the aspect thatthe children smelled a burning smell from the robot vacuum cleaner and, when the fire started, they were able to leave the apartment, the adults were not at home at that moment. The apartment burned to the ground in fifteen minutes. The reason is the budget Chinese, who could not stand the work in our network. Savings here definitely went sideways.

About planes and travel

When going on a plane, it is worth leaving the externalthe battery, if it has flaws, the case is swollen, or it gets very hot during operation (more than before). All this indicates that the battery can be damaged, in an airplane, the flash of such an accessory can become a big problem, a fire on board is scary.

No need to buy non-original chargersdevices, counterfeits of the original. This is a bad path leading to problems. If you do not want to buy an original device from the manufacturer, choose another brand, the choice is huge. But the main thing is that you need to choose high-quality accessories, and not buy them for three kopecks in the subway passage.

One last thing about "explosions".For a battery to really explode, it must be badly damaged and under load, being charged. If it is mechanically damaged, then a flash will occur, perhaps it will catch fire. But there will be no explosion as such. To do this, you need to throw it into the water, or there must be very high humidity around you.

Another story, Domodedovo airport, flight SVR167Ural Airlines to Kaliningrad. While taxiing for takeoff, one of the passengers caught fire in the battery, here is the message from the Federal Air Transport Agency: “According to preliminary information: one of the passengers had smoke in the battery of a mobile device. According to information received, the fire in the cabin was eliminated by the cabin crew within two minutes. The crew decided to evacuate passengers along the emergency slides. The evacuation took place normally, at 18.34 Moscow time the evacuation of passengers was completed. According to preliminary data, there were no casualties, the information is being specified.

People were evacuated using inflatable laddersThe decision was made by the captain of the ship. You can’t call it excessive reinsurance, a fire on board an airplane is a terrible thing. But even in this case, the problem is that the person either bought a very inexpensive Chinese product, or used it in the tail and mane, and the elements were already damaged. Nothing else simply can not be.

In Russia, they do not check the capacity of externalbatteries when boarding a flight, in the same China, any battery without marking is confiscated, as well as any battery larger than 20,000 mAh. The reason is simple - the larger the battery capacity, the larger the reaction mass, and it will be more difficult to stop the reaction. Higher chances that the situation will become uncontrollable.

Simple rules for handling electronics and batteries

Problems almost never start on level ground.place, they are always preceded by something. For example, your device starts to warm up and charges very slowly, or, on the contrary, discharges before your eyes, and very quickly. Notice unusual behavior and draw conclusions, remember if you dropped the device or if something fell on it. These are exactly the situations in which it is better to blow on the water, as the consequences can be very dire.

Swollen battery? This is not nonsense, change it.Do not think that it will work for some more time, the potential risk is much greater than your benefit. I know people who shrug it off and walk around with phones where the batteries are swollen. And they argue that, apart from the aesthetic side of the issue, nothing has changed. This is the same excessive reliability that creates a deceptive impression of normal operation. But it's not! You can lose a lot, including your health or even your life.

The larger the device, the larger the battery, andthe potential danger also increases. Therefore, think about where you will store such a device, what surrounds it and how flammable it is. It is not always convenient to think through such moments, but it must be done before something can happen.

And lastly, I know several stories when peoplethey “blew off” the batteries, tried to remove the bubble that formed on them. Never, under any circumstances, pierce the battery or break the casing or casing. This cannot be done. I hope these simple tips will help you avoid any potential problems with your appliances. Good luck!

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