Russian scientists thermometer will help in the treatment of stroke

The RTM-Brain is a portable deviceusing passive microwave radiothermometry technology to control and measure the temperature of internal brain tissues. Using the information received by the device, physicians will be able to assess the prospects for treating the patient, to identify the degree of brain damage and, based on these data, develop a healing and rehabilitation program.

The RTM-Brain sensor will be developed by the end of 2020years, and the first customers will be Russian manufacturers of devices for craniocerebral hypothermia of the brain and intensive care units specializing in diseases of the brain of hospitals. After improving the methodology of temperature control using the method of microwave radiothermometry, the device will be in demand in the departments of neurology, traumatology and orthopedics, rehabilitation centers.

Measuring principle used by RTM-Brainbased on the control of their own electromagnetic radiation of human tissues in the microwave and infrared wavelengths. Last month, the RTM Diagnostics device called the RTM-D2M radiothermograph, which uses this method for early diagnosis of breast cancer, has already received registration documents from Roszdravnadzor and will be delivered to medical institutions in the fall of 2019.