Power bank: in the footsteps of Nothing Phone

So, with a transparent phone, everything is clear. What about a transparent power bank?

Such a device has already appeared. It is both functional and, moreover, stylish and with hints of retro cyberpunk. It is called Shargeek STORM2 Slim power bank.

Inside is a 20,000 mAh battery.which has outputs of both USB-C and USB-A, which is especially important now, when manufacturers are gradually switching to a new format of charger wires.

The power of the device is 130 W, and thus, you can charge almost any device.

The power supply itself is inside a translucent case,and the user can see all the insides, and the battery level is displayed on the IPS display. In addition, information about the current output voltage, temperature and a number of other parameters is also available there.

In general, the device is interesting, but you can get by with an ordinary portable unit. And if you want it to be also beautiful - then the option is definitely for you.