The inventor from France flew on the flyboard through the English Channel (video)

An engineer from France, Franky Zapata, on the second attempt, managed to fly over the English Channel on a board. A successful flight could be watched live on BFM on Sunday.

The flight started on the beach near the communeSangatt about 8:15 local time (9:15 Moscow time). On the way, the inventor landed for refueling on a special platform. As the organizers noted, the route of 35 kilometers of the West was covered in about 22 minutes. The inventor finished in the UK, between the cities of St. Margaret Bay and Dover.

For the first time Franks Zapata tried to overcomeEnglish Channel July 25. Then the refueling platform rocked hard and the engineer, unable to land, fell into the water. The second time he used a larger structure. Zapata admitted that it was the landing he was most afraid of, but everything turned out well. He thanked the members of his team, who worked 16 hours a day between two attempts, as well as his wife and friends for their support.

Inventor traveled on a flying platformFlyboard Air, which has 5 jet engines. They allow you to disperse the device together with the operator to 195 kilometers per hour. If the operator is replaced by remote control of the transportation of goods, then the speed limit will be 400 kilometers per hour. The engines run on aviation kerosene. Under standard conditions, the fuel supply is enough for 7 minutes. You can use the platform at an altitude of up to 3 - 3.5 kilometers.

Zapata shared that while working on the project,inspired by the feat of the aviator and inventor from France, Louis Berne. It was the first pilot to fly across the English Channel in the distant 1909. Then 37 kilometers were covered in 37 minutes.