Robotaxi from Tesla will appear on the roads in 2020 (7 photos + video)

The new processor, the best in the world according to IlonThe mask will provide electric vehicles maximum mobility on the roads. In the latest electric cars Tesla Model S and Model X it is already installed, and early next year, electric cars may learn to transport passengers in unmanned mode.

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Sound processor for better autopilot waspresented at the Tesla Autonomy Day private event, which was attended only by corporation investors. The development of technology has been conducted for more than two years. According to Ilona Mask, no manufacturer has yet released chips that meet the requirements of his company. So I had to develop the whole product from scratch. Previously used processors from Nvidia, but the new product overtakes them in performance by 21 times.

On an area of ​​260 square millimetersfit 6 billion transistors. Strengthening the characteristics will not increase the energy consumption too much, and therefore the power reserve of the machine will not change due to this. Tesla can even save money. The cost of new chips will be 20% less than the price of analogues from Nvidia. Ilon Musk has already said that this is the best processor for automotive artificial intelligence in the world. He noted that the development was entrusted to the world's leading chip architect, Pete Bannon, who once worked at Apple.

Fully autonomous Tesla electric cars will beequipped with 2 processors. One of them will be auxiliary and will be activated only in case of failure of the main chip. As Musk emphasized, the chances that the computer will fail the user are many times less likely to lose consciousness. Buyers who bought a Tesla electric car before the upgrade can, by contacting the manufacturer’s technical support service, install an upgraded on-board computer FSD with a new microcircuit. Firmware updates are enough to get access to the latest features. Ilon Mask promised that by the end of the year software development will be completed, allowing to achieve maximum autonomy.

According to him, Tesla's robomobils will manage withoutobstacles to move in any conditions, even on busy highways of San Francisco and New York. Mask assures that next year car owners will be able to rent their cars. A taxi on the electric will learn to transport passengers autonomously. True, he noted that the launch date of development depends not only on the efforts of the Tesla team, but also on the position taken by the regulator. If the project is approved for the final of next year, there will be about one million cars in the fleet of unmanned electric vehicles from Tesla.

Taking into account the profits brought by electrotaxi,may rise in price over time. As Musk said recently, Tesla, purchased today, can be sold five times more expensive a few years later. In addition, travel on Tesla's robotoxy will cost less than moving on traditional cars from Lyft and Uber services. A mile will cost about 18 cents. Now passengers have to pay 2-3 dollars for the same distance.