Intel released 9th generation Core chips for laptops (7 photos)

The logical development of the chip line has received 9thgenerations of Intel Core, first announced six months ago and designed for desktop computers. Intel has introduced a new series of processors, created by 14-nm technology and the architecture of Coffee Lake, which are designed for laptops, tablets and other mobile gadgets. The developers promise an increase in the frame rate in gaming applications by 56% and a 54% higher processing speed of 4-K video.

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The most powerful in the presented linethe 9th generation of processors became the Core i9-9980HK with 8 cores (16 threads) and a frequency of 2.4 GHz, which in Boost mode rises to 5 GHz. The processor supports Hyper-Threading technology and allows you to overclock the chip without changing the factory settings. Requirements for heat sink (TDP) for all processors in the series are 45W. Cache memory - 16 MB.

Testing by Intel on the game Hitman 2showed that the Core i9-9980HK increases fps by 18% compared to the 8950HK processor. When working with 4K video, the increase in processing speed was 28%. It also provides 2.1 times higher frame rate in games, streaming and when recording video from the screen in Black Ops 4.

Next in line is the Intel Core processor.i9-9980H, whose performance is only slightly different from the top model. The base frequency is slightly reduced to 2.3 GHz and the frequency during acceleration in Boost mode to 4.8 GHz. The middle segment of processors is represented by 6-core 12-stream Core i7-9850H and Core i7-9750H with 12 MB of cache memory. In this case, a partial overclocking is available for the Core i7-9850H, in the Boost mode, the frequency rises to 4.6 GHz. The Core i7-9750H in Boost mode provides an increase in frequency to 4.5 GHz.

The budget models are Core i5-9400H and Core i5-9300H with 4 cores (8 threads).