Overview of the Dreame H12 handheld vacuum cleaner

I had a chance to get acquainted with an interesting unit called Dreame H12 - a handheld vacuum cleaner with dry and wet

cleaning.I like such things for one simple reason: you do not need to carry a huge noisy box with a hose. Of course, I meant the classic vacuum cleaner. Yes, it probably sucks dust more efficiently, but in my case, ease of use comes first: I removed it from the docking station, pressed the button - and you're done. No wires, hoses, massive dimensions of the device.

By the way, two years ago I bought myselfexpensive washing vacuum cleaner. Do you know how many times I used it? Only three times at most. Until you get it, until you assemble it, until you connect the necessary water pipes ... And then take it all apart in the reverse order, wash each element, dry it and put it in place.

The Dreame H12 vacuum cleaner is good because it usesa combination of dry and wet mopping: it sucks in dust and, in fact, washes the floor. In addition, it can remove impurities in the liquid state: milk, juice, ketchup, broken eggs and stuff like that.

The H12 has an automatic cleaning mode and asuction of water stains. When the vacuum cleaner understands that the pollution is strong, the light ring around the screen starts to glow red. There are other options. In addition, power is added or decreased depending on pollution.

Another important point is self-cleaning. The device cleans the brush roller with a special scraper and “blows” the tubes with water. As a result, you just have to pour out the waste water from the container.

Well, the last nice addition - voicehints in Russian. It would seem that there is such a thing, any more or less smart vacuum cleaner has a couple of phrases in stock. H12 contains a large number of short and long sentences:

  • “There is no clean water tank installed. Install."
  • "Cleaning the tube".
  • “The roller brush is not installed. Install."
  • “Battery is depleted. Charge in a timely manner. Charging started."
  • “Self-cleaning begins, roller brush cleaning, smart detection, deep cleaning; clean the waste water tank.

And so on. Female voice, no accent.

I forgot to add that H12 moves on the surface itself. You just gently hold the vacuum cleaner by the handle. Technologies!

Today, the Dreame H12 handheld vacuum cleaner costs about 30,000 rubles.


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Table of Contents

  • Specifications
  • Equipment
  • Assembly
  • Design
  • Elements
  • Round display
  • Containers
  • In work
  • Cleaning
  • Working hours
  • Impression


  • The product's name: vacuum cleaner H12 for wet and dry cleaning
  • Power Rating: 200 W
  • Device weight: 4.75 kg
  • Battery capacity: 6 x 4000 mAh
  • Max run time: 35 min
  • Charging time: 5 h
  • Clean water tank: 900 ml
  • Used water tank: 500 ml
  • Working mode: automatic mode and moisture absorption mode
  • Brush type: roller brush for cleaning along walls
  • Engine: brushless
  • Display: LED
  • Hints: Yes
  • Contamination detection: Yes
  • Automatic cleaning: Yes


  • Vacuum cleaner body
  • Pen
  • Cleaning brush
  • Spare roller brush
  • Dock station
  • Replacement filter
  • Accessory holders
  • Power adapter
  • Cleaning agent
  • Instruction
  • Warranty card


The device arrives to you in a big and prettyheavy box. The vacuum cleaner is placed in it partially disassembled. You will need to put the body of the gadget on the floor, install the cane handle in a special hole until it clicks.

Learning a vacuum cleaner is a separate topic: buttons, a screen, containers, brushes, and so on. This is not a robot vacuum cleaner with a single start button.


Vacuum cleaner Dreame H12 is made in hi-tech style.Extremely attractive appearance, relatively strict. Those who bother about how their things look in the interior will be calm. It is felt that the device was created wisely, and not just to sell it faster. Hence the price of 30,000 rubles.

The build quality is high.Evidence of this is the clear fixation of water containers without gaps or crevices, pleasant pressing of the buttons without backlash and creaking; no beating or vibration of the handle during cleaning.

The plastic from which the H12 is made is dense and durable. A couple of times I accidentally dropped it on the floor - no problem.

The only complaint: during the first “run” of the vacuum cleaner, something creaked in it. Now I don't hear this sound.

Separate "merci" for matte plastic. Traces of operation are almost imperceptible on it, and dust sticks less.

In terms of dimensions, the Dreame H12 is larger thanaverage handheld vacuum cleaner. The gadget weighs a little less than 5 kg. On the one hand, quite a lot, on the other hand, you will not wear it: the device has wheels. True, you still have to remove and install in the docking station.

My 6-year-old daughter coped with the Dreame H12 without any problems, which means that any adult can easily master the vacuum cleaner in operation.


On the cane handle there are three mechanical buttons with a large stroke:

  • Self-cleaning button.Put the vacuum cleaner on the docking station, press the button, and the device starts self-cleaning: hair and threads are removed from the roller brush, water is intensively “blown” through the tubes. As a result, all the slag is collected in the dirty water container. The procedure takes about a couple of minutes. The device is noisy at this moment.

  • Button to turn the device on or off.
  • Suction button. The function is necessary for the suction of dirt in a liquid state on the floor. Pressing again puts the vacuum cleaner in automatic mode.

I repeat once again that the buttons are mechanical, thanks for not touch!

There is a speaker on the back of the vacuum cleaner.The volume of comments is quite high (there are two levels). The quality is good, without hissing, crunching or extraneous sounds. The voice is a little muffled, but intelligibility is good. Hints can be turned off.

Under the speaker is a rubber button. Here she is just responsible for the voice assistant.

To clean the roller, you can remove the top panel: clamp the two latches on the right and left. The video itself is removed by pressing a special button-clip.

Round display

This is a normal LCD screen with colored icons. It displays:

  • The percentage charge is white, each character is rather large (about 15x20 mm).
  • Lightning icon flashes green. At this point, the battery is being charged.
  • The self-cleaning system is displayed in blue.
  • Automatic mode and suction mode - white, above the percentage of charge.
  • The clean water icon is orange. It is displayed when the fresh water tank is not installed or is empty.
  • Used water tank icon is red. There are again two options: the tank is not installed or is full.
  • Brush roller icon. Either the brush is not installed or needs to be cleaned.
  • Tube clog icon. Here you need to clear the tube.

All these modes are spoken by voice. Convenient and understandable.


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A water tank is installed at the top. It has a volume of 900 ml. There is an inscription stating that for self-cleaning it is necessary to fill with water about ¼ of the tank capacity.

The container is transparent, so you can see how much water was used during cleaning.

From above the tank is closed by a dense rubber stopper.

The used water tank has a capacity of 500 ml. It is installed at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. A smaller volume of water is due to the fact that some of the liquid may remain on the floor surface.

But 500 ml is for water, and there is twice as much space for garbage.

The user manual says that you should not tilt the vacuum cleaner too much, as water from the containers may spill out. It's about a 140 degree angle.

The used water tank is equipped withHEPA filter at the top. It must be periodically cleaned of dust. You can even rinse with running water, but you need to dry it and only then use it again.

In work

The Dreame H12 is turned on by pressing the corresponding button on the cane handle. The voice assistant tells us which mode we are in: automatic or suction.

Next, you need to gently step on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner and slightly tilt the handle back. The gadget itself will turn on the video, which will “lead” you forward.

In fact, it's quite funny: you hold on to the handle, and the vacuum cleaner itself goes in the right direction. You set it by deflecting the cane (and the body of the gadget) clockwise or counterclockwise.

To turn off the vacuum cleaner, it is not at all necessary to press the button: it is easier to return the gadget to a vertical position. Thus, the H12 is fixed at the bottom and easily stands on a flat surface.


In short, the Dreame H12 is something in betweenbetween a hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner and a classic wired vacuum cleaner in terms of suction power. The H12 is 100% better than most robot vacuum cleaners and 120% better than machines that also try to do wet cleaning.

In the latest gadgets, it is corny attachedcloth, and in H12 - a roller with a fleecy surface. It adheres better to the surface, it has more area, higher friction speed (if I may say so). For many robots, wet cleaning is not even accompanied by this very friction of the rag. Only top vacuum cleaners are equipped with this feature.

Plus wet and dry cleaning at the same timeis that you clean the contaminated surface more thoroughly. Dust that could not be sucked into the vacuum cleaner is washed out with water and then enters the desired reservoir.

A washing vacuum cleaner works in much the same way.But only it is more powerful and advanced in this regard: even more water, even more intense suction, and so on. However, the washing vacuum cleaner is a different type, you need to get used to it. You will rarely use it, as there are too many troubles with assembly, washing water pipes, drying and other things.

I tried to test Dreame H12 on different typesdirt (let's call it that). He poured juices, coffee and tea - the device “ate” them in a second. Ketchup, liquid cereals, even a broken egg are not “absorbed” so quickly, but the power of the vacuum cleaner at this moment increases dramatically. Not a trace remains on the surface of the floor.

The suction power is very high, can not be compared with robots. But a little worse than an expensive classic vacuum cleaner.

But here you need to understand that it all depends on the volumespilled dirt. It should not be more than 500 ml. Nothing terrible will happen, of course, but the device will begin to “swear” that it has a tank of waste water full. I poured a maximum of 700 ml into a container. Everything is fine.

As for hair and wool, most of it remains on the roller brush. As a rule, the hair is not wound, but turns into a ball and then enters the tank.

Sometimes hair gets stuck in the tube, but the systemself-cleaning in this case copes by about 90%. If some dirt still remains on the roller or parts adjacent to it, then you can open the compartment and remove the dirt manually.

In general, Dreame H12 does dry and wet cleaning very well, frankly, I was even pleasantly surprised.

Carpets can be removed. On such a surface, the device similarly selects the suction power. I think the H12 handles this better than a typical handheld cordless vacuum cleaner.

Working hours

This is not the strongest point of this device. The H12 is enough for about 20 minutes of intensive cleaning (30-35 minutes for light dirt).

Another minus is a long charge for 5 hours! Most likely, the manufacturer decided to spare the batteries in this way. By the way, there are 6 of them with 4000 mAh each.


The Dreame H12 vacuum cleaner is a great thing for those whowho encounter spilled liquids on the floor, footprints or even animal paws after walking in the rain. Not only did he remove the dirt (you were faced with pieces of dried earth), but also, in fact, washed the floor.

The gadget is also suitable for those who constantly cleanhair from the brushes of robotic vacuum cleaners (occupation, I tell you, is not an easy task). With H12 on self-cleaning, most of it "flies" into the waste water tank. But yes, then you need to pour out this water and wash the container.

I think that in the near future I will sell a washing vacuum cleaner and buy something like Dreame H12. I liked the principle of cleaning: it will suck up the dust and wash the floors.

I already have a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner, but itsuitable for short cleanings: turned it on, quickly vacuumed something somewhere and put it back in the closet. The H12 is a different story: there really is a real cleaning going on here.

The disadvantages include autonomy and too long battery life.

Neither here nor there: there is no adjustment of the speed of movement of the vacuum cleaner. Yes, you can hold it, but it is better to choose the speed a little slower. You turn on the H12 - and it immediately “rushes into battle”.

I have not yet had such devices on the test, so it is difficult to compare with anything.

For example, I reviewed the Eufy Homevac S11. Cool vertical duster, but there was no wet cleaning in it.

I tested the robot with the “correct” wet cleaning Ecovacs Deebot T9 +. An interesting thing that could wipe the floor. Yes, there was a special mechanism with a reciprocating action from below.

As an option - the budget budget Enchen Vacuum Cleaner R2 Pro for 10,000 rubles. There was a wet cleaning, but it was implemented too simply: a cloth is wetted and fussed over the floor.

I look forward to your comments on the original Dreame H12 vacuum cleaner.

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