Electronic signature fraud scheme and its consequences published

Electronic signature (ES or EDS) - analoguepersonal signature of a citizen. How, with its help, fraudsters can hang a loan on the owner of the signature, experts of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo explain.

According to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in 2021 the policefiled a case of cyber fraud to create false firms. Employees of several certification centers illegally used personal data of citizens to create ES.

The electronic signature is conceived as a special blockdigital information to identify a person without his direct presence. ES is for individuals and legal entities, has different degrees of protection and scope. It can sign various electronic documents. You can purchase a simple electronic signature by submitting an application on the public services portal. EP reduces paperwork. For example, it allows you to remotely apply for a change of passport.

It is possible to issue an enhanced qualifiedelectronic signature (CES) and get the full range of opportunities on the websites of the State Services, Rosreestr, IFTS. Only an accredited certification center can issue it.

How is EP fraud organized?
Obtaining in any way copies of documents,scammers can make ES on your behalf. It is interesting that swindlers no longer resort to the "services" of homeless people, but trade by buying photocopies of ordinary people's passports in various organizations. Thus, the villains open themselves access to great opportunities - register a legal entity, get a loan, complete a real estate deal, and so on.
So, a simple respectable citizen can beunpleasantly surprised by the information that he has long opened an individual entrepreneur or is the head of a dozen organizations. Information can be checked in your personal account at the State Services, as well as in the personal account of the taxpayer.

Sergey Kuzmenko, Senior Specialist fortesting of digital products of Roskachestvo: “The electronic signatures of individuals are of little interest to fraudsters. However, you can do things with them: get a loan, register a company. Attackers hunt for the ES of entrepreneurs, managers, accountants or employees with a general power of attorney.
With such an electronic signature, you can carry out fraud for large amounts, withdraw money from bank accounts, sell and register property, disrupt transactions, and even commit a raider takeover of the company.
Electronic signature is not a panacea, but it iscomplicates the task of thieves and swindlers. Stealing someone else's digital signature is harder than forging it with pen and paper. In addition, e-signature scams are easier to spot than fake ones.
You should take a responsible approach to storing your documents, passwords and access, as well as carefully choose a certification authority.

Safety with EDS
Roskachestvo recommends adhering to the following rules:

- choose only an accredited certification center;
– store the media with EDS in a safe place;
– create a complex password for a token with a signature;
- block access to the computer by strangers;
- install a good antivirus;
– ignore suspicious emails;
Do not send copies of your documents to anyone.

Igor Pozdnyakov, Legal Counsel of Roskachestvo Departmenton consumer rights protection: “If illegal actions with an electronic signature are detected, it is necessary to immediately revoke it and contact law enforcement agencies.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the main frauds with EPare: receipt by malefactors of keys or certificates of check of the ES issued on other person; misleading employees of the certification center; collusion with employees of the certification center; theft of a flash drive with a key or the purchase of a key issued to a figurehead.

As a result, such fraudulent schemes lead tocommitting various elements of crimes provided for by the relevant articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - theft, fraud, registration of illegal transactions with real estate, extortion, etc.

As for the certification centers themselves, inCurrently, for violation of the mandatory requirements established by the Federal Law “On Electronic Signature”, they are primarily subject to administrative liability (Article 13.33 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation): the amount of the fine depends on the violation committed and ranges from 10 thousand to 1 million rubles.

Considering that the illegal use of electronic signatures most often occurs in theft of property and to create or re-register companies, the following recommendations can be followed:

one.Regularly check the Unified State Register of Legal Entities for the presence of companies registered in their own name (using special services or on the official website of the Federal Tax Service In the event that an organization is found in which a citizen is listed as a director or founder, but has no actual relationship with it, submit an appropriate application to the tax office as soon as possible;

2.Submit an application to Rosreestr about the impossibility of conducting real estate transactions without personal participation. Such an application can be sent electronically in the personal account of Rosreestr, as well as in person at the MFC or by mail (the service is provided free of charge).

Source: Roskachestvo