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Can the CoVID 2019 epidemic become seasonal like influenza and SARS?

As the coronavirus epidemic growsin more than 64 countries of the world, some scientists do not exclude that CoVID-201 is with us for a long time. Recall that the new coronavirus is not only a close relative of SARS SARS and Middle Eastern MERS, but also SARS. And epidemics of colds, as is well known, tend to come in "waves." So, fall-winter is traditionally considered a period of epidemics of influenza and SARS. Coronavirus, in turn, can keep them company and become a familiar companion of seasonal viruses. But how likely is this development?

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Is CoVID-2019 similar to SARS?

Experts warned that Covid-19 mayreturning every year “like a common cold” and as a result will become an additional cause of death during the winter months. According to The Telegraph, coronavirus has a number of characteristics typical of seasonal colds viruses, which can ultimately make it seasonal. And indeed - if you look closely at the situation with SARS coronaviruses, it turns out that we know about their existence for more than 50 years and they come “in waves," seasonally.

In Russia and around the world, thousands of people are illor another seasonal virus right now. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global emergency in connection with the outbreak of a new coronavirus. The thing is its incredible, pandemic nature - the transmission of infection is not one, but several. So, coronavirus spreads by airborne droplets, contact and fecal-oral route, infecting a huge number of people. Moreover, in some cases, the incubation period of the coronavirus was more than 40 days. All these factors are a sharp difference between CoVID-2019 and other SARS viruses.

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However, in most cases, and them at the timemore than 90 thousand are registered around the world, the disease is mild. This again makes a new coronavirus related to seasonal infections. However, it is not clear whether CoVID-2019 will fit into the seasonal scheme. Some experts believe that if the coronavirus becomes seasonal, it may help in the manufacture of vaccines and other effective drugs in the future.

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Respiratory viruses are called seasonal becausethat colder temperatures help harden the protective gel-like coating that surrounds the viral particles while they are in the air. A stronger shell allows them to survive long enough to easily move from one person to another. The influenza virus tolerates cold, dry temperatures better, however, some countries are not familiar with seasonal epidemics at all, so flu and SARS are observed there all year round.

How is coronavirus infection progressing?

In most cases, a coronavirus infectionit’s not very difficult, but some people are really seriously ill. The data of the largest patient study to date in China has shown that among patients with coronavirus receiving medical care, 80% had mild infections, about 15% had serious illnesses and 5% were critical. In the case of CoVID-2019, the first symptoms are similar to the flu, so these diseases are difficult to distinguish from each other without a special test to detect the virus. Pneumonia is often found among patients with coronavirus, even among those whose cases are not severe.

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According to The New York Times, antibody tests,which can determine if a person has ever been infected can ultimately help establish how many people have had a mild, asymptomatic coronavirus infection.

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How not to get infected with a new coronavirus?

Recently on the official website of WHO were postedrecommendations to the public on what precautions should be taken to avoid becoming a victim of the new coronavirus. Experts recommend washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and in cases where there is no way to wash your hands, use alcoholic hand lotions. Also, do not forget about how to properly sneeze and cough - exclusively in a napkin or handkerchief, which you need to immediately get rid of and wash your hands. If you are in a public place, try to stay away from coughing and sneezing people at a distance of a meter. As for the protective masks, then they should not be worn if you are healthy. And about why, read in our special material.