Mitsubishi lamp imitates the natural blue sky (2 photos + video)

Japanese office space, unlikeWestern world, deprived of booths leading clerks to bouts of claustrophobia. However, Japanese office workers are suffering from another problem, namely a shortage of sunlight, due to the huge amount of overtime worked by the Japanese. Lack of natural light leads to depression and reduces work efficiency.

Eliminate natural light deficiencyMitsubishi Electric is committed to developing a ceiling light that creates the illusion of a blue sky above your head. The exterior design of Misola is reminiscent of window binding, and the surface of the panel has a pleasant bluish tint that imitates the expanse of heaven. At the same time, the frames are highlighted only on three sides, leaving the fourth in the shadow, which creates the illusion of volume. By adjusting the illumination of the frames, the lamp also simulates the movement of the sun in the sky. The color temperature also changes, giving the impression of a change in morning, afternoon and evening twilight.

The use of innovative luminaires imitating windows will reduce the level of stress and depression among office workers, and will also be useful for installation in hospitals and hospices.

The window-lamps will go on sale by autumn 2020of the year. The initial model is reduced manually with a remote control will have to give 6.2 thousand and dollars. A model with an automated control system will cost 6.8 thousand dollars.

Source: soranews24