DreamGlass Air- own augmented reality screen (4 photos)

New kickstarter device introducedDreamGlass Air is an easy personal cinema that plays on a 100-inch augmented reality screen from any user’s gadget, from a smartphone or tablet (Android, iPhone, iPad), game consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), to a personal computer and PC and Mac.

DreamGlass Air frees up the user's hands,while conducting an individual video viewing session with maximum comfort. Unlike Virtual Reality headsets priced at thousands of dollars, DreamGlass Air includes advanced augmented reality technology and can really help the user.

Using DreamGlass Air Wireless TechnologyProjects any information onto several screens with a diagonal of 100 inches in a resolution of 2.5K (600 dpi) with a fairly comfortable and ultra-wide viewing angle of up to 90 degrees. Offline mode is supported by a battery, charging of which is enough for 5 hours of work in video viewing mode. The mass of the gadget is only 140 grams.

Developers describe connectivityDreamGlass Air points to the drone's camera for observation through the eyes of a drone. Also, the release of the user's hands will allow you to watch videos with useful tips for doing any homework without interruption from the process itself. Men will be able to repair the car with an individual instructor before their eyes, and a woman in the kitchen will be helped by a virtual chef.

Among the disadvantages of the system, it should be noted thatglasses are somewhat bulky. In addition, DreamGlass Air should be supported by a special laptop computer integrated into a single unit with a 9000 mAh battery. However, such minor inconveniences are compensated by the huge functionality of the glasses, now available on kickstarter for $ 289. Deliveries will begin in December 2019. The project, 22 days before the completion of fundraising, has already received 517 thousand dollars with a target of 15 thousand dollars.

Source: Kickstarter