Samsung The Wall MicroLED display with a diagonal of 583 inches and a resolution of 8K

Diagonal sizes of modern TVsreach gigantic proportions. The recognized leader in world production of monitors with extra-large diagonals is the Korean corporation Samsung Electronics, which has already demonstrated its success at CES 2018 and ISE 2018, introducing the Wall TV series on the market. This year, the corporation continues to amaze fans and has increased the diagonal display size of The Wall TV series to 583 inches (1.48 meters). At the same time, the device received a resolution of 8K (7680x4320). New devices are intended for commercial use.

Samsung The Wall TV Modular Screensuse MicroLED technology, first introduced at CES 2018 events in 146-inch TV devices. Over the years, Samsung has brought to the market several versions of monitors with MicroLED technology, which are designed for various use cases. Until now, The Wall Luxury has become the largest screen, receiving a 292-inch screen with a resolution of 8K (7680x4320).

Using frameless design allowsthe manufacturer to vary the dimensions of the television devices, choosing the aspect ratio and geometric parameters necessary for the customer for use in a particular room. Moreover, the maximum display thickness does not exceed 30 mm. The monitors use minimal removable frames, which allows designers to perfectly integrate The Wall TV devices into any design.

The Wall TV model with 583 inches will be wideused for commercial and industrial purposes, as a screen in automatic control centers, in transport control, for political purposes and for designers.

In the lineup of The Wall for Business, whichpresent at ISE 2020, Samsung will provide displays with variable screen sizes from 219 to 292 inches in 4K resolution, as well as monitors with 8K resolution and diagonals in the range from 437 to 583 inches. Pricing information has not yet been received and will become known after the ISE 2020, in Amsterdam from February 11 to 14, 2020. However, you can draw an analogy with the 292-inch The Wall Luxury 8K, sold in India for $ 1.68 million.

Source: Samsung