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Lenovo Legion Y920 Review: Representative of the Dying Look

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Probably no computer categorycauses so many conflicting emotions as laptops for gamers (well, in addition to the MacBook and Xiaomi products). Firstly, there will be at least one comment, it does not make sense, secondly, no one usually buys such equipment, and thirdly, that the best desktop computer can be collected for this money. I checked the laptop Lenovo Legion Y920.

  • What are gaming laptops for?
  • Representative of the dying species
  • Productivity and work culture
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • Amazing sound
  • Laptop screen
  • Battery autonomy
  • You want more
  • Should I buy?
  • What are gaming laptops for?

    I always wonder how you can have so muchignorance, commenting on this topic. Opinions of "experts" and the market itself - if no one wants to buy it, no manufacturer will produce it. If it were meaningless, there would not be constantly new and more advanced models. If it was only about what would be the cheapest option, we would buy everything on Aliexpress.

    Laptops for gamers enjoy unabatedpopular - this is not an opinion, this is a fact. The growing popularity of electronic sports only contributes to making such machines not only computers for home use, but also equipment for professionals. Every time you call "laptops for players meaningless," somewhere in the world someone buys such a laptop. Because he wants and because he can.

    I really like this category of devices with a special aesthetics, which is not for everyone. I like her, because from afar she shouts: "I am not dull equipment for managers and housewives."

    Now, let's go to the overview.

    Lenovo Legion Y920 one of the last in the form

    It should be bluntly said that structures similar toLenovo Legion Y920, less and less on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that since Nvidia introduced the Max-Q infrastructure, efficient laptops no longer require huge structures to effectively cool components.

    Even Lenovo now has such machines in itsportfolio - the new Legions Y530 and 730 will be thin, light and effective. But, interestingly, the company announced that the Y920 will not succeed here. At the very least, we will have to wait until the new Nvidia mobile systems appear on the market.

    If you are looking for gaming equipment there are at least 3 reasons to buy Lenovo Legion Y920. And at least 3 to think.

    First YES - productivity and work culture

    The Legion Y920 laptop is powerful hardware. Quad-core Intel Core i7-7820HK in combination with graphics GTX 1070 and 32 GB RAM allow you to run absolutely any game at the highest settings, with a resolution of Full HD and at least 60 frames per second.

    For such a monster, the Lenovo Legion Y920 behavessurprisingly civilized under load. Fan noise is constant, but not intrusive. It is loud only when the notebook is switched to the "Turbo" mode, using a special button. However, I would not call this noise overwhelming.

    Second YES - this keyboard

    The keyboard in the Legion Y920 is mechanical, well thought out and - great. On most laptops, the experiment with the placement of mechanical buttons, unfortunately, did not go well.

    Lenovo managed to squeeze the buttons enough so that theycould fit in a compact laptop case, but not enough to lose the greatest advantage of MX mechanical switches - a great move. He is here to 2.2 mm, has a clear point of activation, and typing or playing on this keyboard is very nice.

    Third YES - surprisingly good sound.

    The location of the three JBL speakers, additionally tuned by Dolby, is the biggest surprise on this model.

    Typically, miniature subwoofers installedon the bottom of the notebook, do not have a significant effect on sound quality. Everything is different here. Lenovo Legion Y920 emits really full sound. It is very loud, clear, without any overload.

    Of course, this is not comparable to the dedicated system.2.1, but if someone has no space on the table for additional speakers or he prefers to play with headphones (which, by the way, also works fine in the Legion Y920), there is no need to add external speakers.

    First BUT - display

    To fully understand: Objectively, this is a good panel. It has bright colors, good contrast and viewing angles, perhaps too low brightness, and supports Nvidia G-Sync technology, so there is no hint of blurring in games.

    The problem is that objectively it is not the best.panel. Or perhaps it lacks a specific destination. Often, expensive laptops have screens with a standard refresh rate and a rich color palette, so that the creators of multimedia content can use them.

    Often manufacturers give the right colormore attention than the high refresh rate that real PC Master Race representatives want. Unfortunately, the Y920 Legion does not have a screen that is fast and suitable for editing photos or graphics.

    The second BUT - autonomy

    For some, this is more than a disadvantage;be the main problem. Lenovo Legion Y920, like many similar designs, is not an overly mobile machine. This is more DTR (desktop replacement) or mobile workstation than a compact laptop for work.

    With a weight of 4.4 kg, dimensions 425 × 315 × 36 mm and a blockpower in half the average paperback, it is difficult to talk about subtlety and lightness. It also does not allow working time. In such devices, the battery is more likely to maintain working equipment only for some time.

    Browsing the Internet, printing documents and othersrandom tasks can be performed away from the outlet no more than 4 hours. Enough, however, starting the game or launching a graphics program, the charge will literally melt before your eyes.

    With the Legion Y920 laptop, I managed to squeeze out only 45 minutes of photo processing in Lightroom.

    The third BUT in Lenovo Legion Y920 - you want more

    Against the background of other devices from the gaming segment,Lenovo Legion Y920 is not so bad with regards to price and performance. The configuration I am testing costs about 160 thousand rubles, but we can increase it by several thousand, replacing the SSD-drive with more bandwidth.

    It is a pity that the Y920, although an efficient laptop, is notrepresents the absolute top. We have the seventh-generation Intel quad-core system, not the eighth, and the GTX 1070, and not the more powerful GTX 1080. Because of this, this gaming laptop may be somewhere in the middle of the market spectrum. On the one hand, the Y920 is not the cheapest equipment, but on the other hand, it is not one of the most efficient and modern.

    I should also mention the trackpad. Although the keyboard is excellent here, the trackpad is bad. It does not even support Windows Precision drivers and gestures of Windows 10.


    Lenovo Legion Y920 gaming laptop was designedwith one purpose - to serve gamers and cybersportsmen. Its whole essence is to ensure that both of these groups have the best experience. The manufacturer did not try to achieve the maximum, puffing absolutely the most powerful components inside the case, he used very reasonable compromises.

    So, we have adequately effectivecomponents, large amounts of RAM for simultaneous play and streaming, super fast Wi-Fi Killer AC 1535, super fast Killer LAN, great keyboard, great sound, and super fast SSD in RAID 0.

    It's all for the players. In particular, for those that this equipment has the greatest meaning in the world. And the rest ... let them create these “for a fraction of the price” dismal laptops for housewives.

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