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Is it possible to create a completely silent aircraft?

The first aircraft in the world appeared at the beginning of the 20th centuryand made it possible to travel long distances in a short time. The risk of crashing on an airplane is much less than in a car, that is, it is a very safe means of transportation. But all planes at the moment have one big drawback - they make a lot of noise. This especially interferes with military aircraft, which during takeoff emit noise at 140 decibels... Noise so loud can lead to painin the ears, because the human hearing can hardly withstand such a load. And, most importantly, because of the noise, combat aircraft can be quickly spotted by enemies. But recently, scientists have figured out how to create silent aircraft.

Humanity has been trying for a long time to create a silent plane, but so far it turns out so-so

Why are planes noisy?

It should be said right away that to create completelyscientists will definitely not succeed in a silent plane. The fact is that loud sounds are emitted by several parts of the aircraft at once. The noisiest part of any aircraft is the engine and the jet stream of gases it creates. To reduce their noise, engineers create various attachments. And so that sounds do not penetrate the aircraft cabin and do not interfere with passengers, the insides are pasted over with material for sound insulation. But even so, the noise level inside sometimes reaches 100 decibels, which prevents people from talking and makes flights uncomfortable.

Airplane jet engine

The second source of aircraft noise iswings. During flight, jets of air sweep across their surface, resulting in a loud rumble. Scientists have been trying to reduce the noise of the wings for many years, but they still have not achieved much success in this matter. But recently, University of London staff have come a step closer to that. They drew attention to the fact that owls hunting at night hardly make any sounds during the flight. Therefore, the researchers decided to carefully study the structure of their wings.

Airplane wings also make a lot of noise.

How do owls hunt?

Typically, owls go hunting in the dark. Thanks to their good hearing, they can hear the rustling of mice and other rodents many meters away. Having learned the location of the prey, they soar into the sky and silently fly up to it and grab it with their sharp claws. The key word in describing their hunting method is silent. Scientists have already known that owls go unnoticed due to the special structure of their wings. But the secret of nocturnal predators has been unraveled only recently, upon closer examination.

Owls are some of the quietest predators

It turned out that on the front of the owls' wings there istiny feathers, the length of which does not exceed 2 millimeters. Initially, scientists believed that they lead the movement of air currents into a chaotic state. However, it turned out that this is far from the case. This design of the wings, on the contrary, stabilizes the movement of air flows. This, in turn, reduces noise and makes the bird predator invisible hunters.

Those tiny feathers

The researchers hope that thanks to thisknowledge they will be able to create an airplane wing that does not make noise during flight. This will not help create a completely silent aircraft, but if you use the development in passenger liners, they will become more comfortable for people.

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The quietest plane in the world

And at the moment, the quietest plane in the world -this is an Airbus A380. It accommodates up to 525 passengers and is capable of flying 15,400 kilometers non-stop. When designing the aircraft, engineers from the very beginning paid attention to the level of noise. According to measurements, the interior of the Airbus A380 is about 50% quieter than the cabin of one of the most famous aircraft in the world, the Boeing 747.

The quietest aircraft in the world - Airbus A380

Most Quiet Airbus A380used by Emirates. It has 114 such aircraft at its disposal. By October 2020, 243 aircraft were produced - each costing $ 489 million. Only now the demand for this model began to fall over time, so Airbus plans to stop producing it in 2021.

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