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Is it true that babies born out of IVF have an increased risk of death?

It used to be that if a woman is to her 28years did not get offspring, then in the future it will be incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible to have children. Today, thanks to scientific and technological progress, women all over the world are laughing in the face of prejudice. Thanks to the advances in modern medicine, reproductive health can be controlled, infertility treated and family planning planned. So, the in vitro fertilization procedure or IVF has allowed parents to become a huge number of people around the world. However, the procedure is not without drawbacks: as shown by the results of a study published in the journal Sterility and Fertility, IVF increases the risk of death of children in the first year of life by 45%.

In vitro children require increased attention in the first year of life, scientists found

Are babies born with IVF special?

In a sense, yes. According to the authors of the study, the risk of early death in children conceived with IVF is as much as 45% higher than in those who were conceived normally. In the course of the work, the scientists analyzed the data of more than 7000 children who died before reaching the year. According to the official press release of the study, experts note that even if at the group level you can see a slightly increased risk of infant mortality after IVF, the absolute risk for each individual is still very small. It is also encouraging that in the observed group of children there is no increased risk of mortality after the first year of life.

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In the paper, scientists write that the risk of death is amongChildren older than one year is the same for all children, regardless of the method of conception. According to ScienceDaily, the results of previous studies have shown that babies conceived with IVF are lightweight, have a risk of birth defects, and a risk of preterm birth for mothers. Partially such risks are explained higher likelihood of twin births after IVF. Recall that the IVF procedure takes a lot of time and does not give a 100% guarantee. Read more about how effective IVF is in our special material.

Children with IVF should receive extra care and attention during the first few weeks of life

In a new study, scientists analyzeddata from only single-breasted infants and compared their mortality with those who were conceived naturally and using other assisted reproductive methods. Of the more than 2.8 million children born in Sweden over the past 30 years, approximately 43,500 were conceived using assisted reproduction techniques.

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It is believed that the likelihood of becoming parents of twins using IVF increases

Results showed that 7,236 babies diedbefore they turned one year old, and only 114 of them were conceived using other assisted reproductive procedures. The risk level varied depending on the type of assisted reproductive equipment, and the risk of death gradually decreased after the first weeks after giving birth. The authors emphasize that the type of assisted reproductive technique is of great importance, therefore it is necessary to investigate the causes or underlying mechanisms of the increased risk of death. The authors also noted that children born with IVF should be given increased attention and care, especially in the first few weeks of life.