Audi E-Tron Sportback electric car with smart headlights

Conditions of fierce competition in the marketelectric cars requires design engineers to introduce new innovative technologies. Audi car developers continue to surprise with exclusive innovations in headlight lighting systems. Presented at the US Motor Show, the E-Tron Sportback received a significant update to the body design and a completely new system of digital matrix LED headlights.

The LED matrix of an electric vehicle consists ofmore than one million structural units - microscopic mirrors. The lighting system, as in many other Audi cars, has a high-beam system, eliminating the possibility of "dazzling" drivers of cars moving in the oncoming lane.

However, the highlight of the E-Tron night light systemSportback becomes the so-called “carpet of light” function, which provides the creation of an illuminated strip of high illumination, which increases or decreases as it approaches the cars in front. The width of the "carpet of light" clearly corresponds to the width of the standard marking, also on the "light carpet" distinctive chevrons are clearly visible, indicating the overall dimensions of the electric car.

Headlight control system independentlyRecognizes the turning moment and widens the lane for maneuvering. In this case, the headlights use their own sensors, not relying on the turn signals. The sensor system also recognizes and distinguishes people standing on the sidelines.

The “carpet of light” function is rigidly tied to the geolocation system and works only on highways, on country roads or when driving off-road, the “carpet of light” is turned off.

However, the operation of such a system may interfere withproblems in the legislation of some countries, including the United States, where it is allowed to use only strictly regulated outdoor lighting systems for cars. In this case, the company intends to supply vehicles with blocked software for this function, which can be quickly connected in case of a change in the law.

Source: Engadget