In autumn, Apple will introduce 4 iPhone 12 models (2 photos)

Apple's traditional presentation howusually scheduled for fall, may surprise the fans of the brand. The developers of the corporation plan to bring four iPhone 12 models to the market at once. Moreover, in 2020, already at the end of this month, Apple plans to bring the budget smartphone iPhone SE to the market. It is hoped that the events surrounding the coronavirus pandemic will not be able to derail one of the leaders in the smartphone market.

Information about an unprecedented "yield" of autumnApple's presentations were distributed on the Internet by renowned insider Jon Prosser. According to him, the company has already prepared prototypes, and in the next few months we can expect the appearance of renders of future iPhone 12.

According to insider information for all four modelsdevelopers have prepared screens of various sizes, different configurations and the number of sensors in the camera units. At the same time, for all four models, Apple developers plan to use the A14 processor working in 5G networks. The traditional monobrow will not disappear from the front of the iPhone, though it will receive a slightly smaller size.

More detailed specificationsThe models planned for Apple's fall presentation from an insider are as follows. The younger model, code-named D52G, will receive a 5.4-inch screen diagonal, a dual main camera and an aluminum case.

Apple's next working classification model isThe D53G has a 6.1-inch display, an aluminum case and a twin camera. Another iPhone with a 6.1-inch screen will receive a camera unit with three sensors and a Lidar sensor. The case of this model, held in Apple documentation as the D53P, is made of stainless steel.

Top Model (D54P) Apple's Autumn Presentationwill appear in public with a 6.7-inch screen, a stainless case and a triple camera with Lidar. How reliable the insider information is, Apple fans will find out after the appearance of the first renderings and official statements of the company.

Source: Twitter