Beeline equates the owners of the St. Petersburg's Single Card to pensioners

Novostushka for St. Petersburg, specific, andseems to be good. The operator Beeline decided to add its loyalty program to the various options of the United Petersburg Single Card. The gift is pleasant, although it looks somewhat awkward: for the owners of such cards, access to the special package “Social Package” is open, which equates them to pensioners.

Tariff invented for people in need of social protectionand assumes that the applicant for connection has documents proving his belonging to such a category. The tariff is quite good, very economical: for 4 rubles a day, the subscriber receives 200 minutes of calls to the numbers of all operators in the connection area and Beeline Russia numbers (after the package ends, calls to Beeline numbers in all Russia will remain free), 1000 SMS to numbers of all operators connection areas and Beeline Russia numbers, 3 GB of mobile Internet and unlimited access to government ports, messengers and maps.

The unified St. Petersburg's card is a kind of conglomerate from a bank card, a travel card, bonus cards of shops and a medical policy, at the same time being a carrier of an electronic signature.

Details about the tariff "Social Package".

Tatyana Kobelskaya