Roscosmos presented a model of the Russian orbital station

Roscosmos for the first time showed a model of the new Russianorbital station. The complex will eventually replace the International Space Station (ISS). The preliminary design of the future station is being developed by the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation.

The deployment of the complex will be carried out in twostage. At the first station, the station will include four modules - scientific and energy, nodal, base and gateway. This will provide a crew of two people with a total volume of hermetic space of 228 m3, including up to 19 m3 for scientific equipment.

The second phase provides for the launch into orbittarget and production modules, as well as a specialized service platform. Due to this, the total pressurized volume of the station for a crew of two to four people will increase to 667 m3, of which up to 49 m3 for the installation of scientific equipment.

Among the new qualities and opportunities of the nationalstations are called powerful energy for target tasks, unification of modules, the ability to interact with promising satellite constellations and various modes of operation. For the station, it is planned to use a manned system that has proven its reliability, consisting of two ships (Progress and Soyuz).