Huawei streaming music service to appear in Russia (3 photos)

It is rumored that Huawei’s plans include launching onthe territory of Russia streaming music service. Huawei Music will be based on the Huawei Cloud cloud platform. Currently, negotiations are underway with world music labels.

Like Google Play Music, Apple Music or Yandex.Music ”, the new service will provide people through the appropriate mobile application unlimited access to clips and musical compositions. The cost of such a subscription will be the same as that of competitors. And yet, according to analysts, Huawei will not make money on this project. According to statistics, now Apple Music and Google Play Music are especially popular in Russia, followed by Yandex.Music.

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Huawei's desire to enter the Russian market and occupyThe leading positions are dictated by failures in the States due to the negative and constant persecution of the Chinese corporation in North America and beyond. Investing in a new, geographically closer segment should help financially support the growth of the company. So only last year more than 30 million mobile devices under the Honor brand were delivered to our country. There is also a media project - “THT-Premier”, developed by request of Gazprom-Media. In addition, the company intends to launch the Huawei Pay payment system.