British Army interested in flying jetpacks (2 videos)

The concept of a jet pack or suitIt has been implemented by engineers from all over the world for a long time, however, inventions have not yet become a mass ubiquitous product. Partly due to the complexity of controlling the device in the air, which is comparable to the ability to piloting a small plane, but to a greater extent because of the high cost of a personal vehicle.

In addition, fuel is sufficient for extremely limitedflight time (depending on the development), and errors at the time of maneuvering can be fatal for non-professionals. But the leadership of the British Marine Corps is apparently confident that it will be able to develop specialists in its ranks who will not yield to the inventors in the skills of managing a new promising device. In confirmation of this, the British army team posted a video in the Network, in which the soldier overcomes the obstacle course with the help of the Daedalus aircraft, made in the style of “Iron Man”. The inventor is their compatriot, engineer and entrepreneur Richard Browning.