How to produce the most expensive smartphone in the world

Vertu was established in 1998 inas a division of Nokia for the production of the most expensive and high-quality mobile phones in the world - premium devices. Nokia designers tried to answer the question of how the phone will turn out when using the best materials and the most expensive production process, and created a company whose gadgets to this day are indicators of wealth and high position in society.

Subsequently, Vertu received "free" from Nokia andbecame completely independent, and then began production of mobile phones with the Android operating system on board. Needless to say, Vertu are still the most expensive mobile phones on Android. All devices were assembled almost entirely by hand at a factory located in a suburb of London. In the same building fit and designers, and engineers, and ordinary employees of the company.

Although in July 2017, management announcedthe closure of production facilities in Britain, in October last year, the Cypriot company Baferton, the current owner of the brand, announced a new device under the brand Vertu. The more interesting to see how and where they produced the most expensive smartphone in the world.

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How to make Vertu

The famous logo in the form of the Latin letter "V",decorating the front door of the building, was created before the company got its name. According to the chief designer of Vertu, the logo embodies the style and beauty that inspired him in the process of creating new products. To avoid the similarity with the logo of the automobile company Mazda, the letter “V” subsequently became slightly wider, and the word Vertu was used to decipher it, which means “perfect” in Latin.

There are two wings in the factory. The offices of the administration and the designers' premises are located on the right, and the production and delivery departments on the left. Therefore, sometimes you literally can see one of the assemblers right near the administration desk.

Each employee of the production department wears a special dressing gown made from unique materials.

Managers and executives are at the top.Vertu, while the lower floors are fully occupied by the departments of assembly, testing and packaging of mobile phones. Premises with expensive materials are securely protected with the help of doors 10 inches thick, made of 15 high-strength materials.

Perhaps Henry Ford would criticizetop managers of the company, but there are no pipelines at all on Vertu. For the production of each phone is responsible only one person who performs the assembly of the mobile device from start to finish. Upon completion of the production on the phone engraved with the signature of the employee.

Vertu does not trust the execution of basic tasks to machines, considering that a person can cope with them many times better.

Every detail undergoes strict quality control. If the collectors are not satisfied with at least something, it is produced anew.

Pickers remember almost every device.

Vertu employees work on the most advanced equipment in the world.

The smallest detail Vertu can get lost in your palm.

The assembled phone is immediately sent for tests,so that employees can be convinced of its correct operation. Training in the skill of the collector takes from three months to one year. But even if you hone it to perfection, you still can never repeat the process blindly. It is incredibly complex. Packing the phone in the box - one of the most crucial stages. After all, this is the first thing that the buyer will see.

The retail price of such a box with phones and covers from crocodile skin exceeds 25 thousand euros.

From left to right: Vertu 2008 Signature (the most expensive and exclusive phone), Vertu Ti on Android and Vertu Constellation.

With the advent of the iPhone, Vertu has become less popular.among the "stars" of the world of show business, but now these phones are finding their buyers. Basically, Vertu is used by conservative millionaires / billionaires, and the company is trying to fix it, following the youth trends: for example, it began to produce phones on Android. And since the human need to demonstrate their wealth and superiority is getting stronger, Vertu is unlikely to become bankrupt, although the company is not doing very well. At least for now. What do you think? Write in our Telegram-chat.