Family Tree DNA transferred to the FBI the DNA database of its clients (3 photos)

Family Tree DNA - one of the largest companiesallowing you to analyze DNA at home. The organization decided to work closely with the FBI and since last autumn the information has been provided to the authorities. The latter can analyze it, for example, by investigating criminal offenses or identifying the remains.

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The FBI has data of millionspeople, as well as the ability to trace the kinship between them. As emphasized in the Family Tree DNA, representatives of the Bureau are not given any advantages relative to other users registered in the database. Here they assure that for the FBI it is open only what other users of the system will be able to see (the company's clients). True, in certain situations there is the possibility of obtaining special permission issued by the court. Then the employees of the Bureau will be allowed access to non-public information.

Note that Australian scientists are already concerneduncontrolled use of DNA bases. The fact is that when one person provides his data for studying to organizations like the Family Tree DNA, in fact he reveals the genetic information of his entire “family tree” without their consent. DNA information is relevant to relatives up to the fourth generation, and that’s about 190 people. Thus, it is possible to identify not biological diseases and abnormalities of a group of people, but also other factors, for example, physiological characteristics (skin and hair color).