Excursion to the first tourist space center Virgin Galactic (10 photos + video)

Richard's first VSS Unity space planesBranson with space tourists will go into orbit in less than a year, in the first half of 2020. Virgin Galactic has already completed a successful test flight with a passenger on board and is preparing to receive the first commercial tourists willing to pay $ 250,000 for a short flight.

Engineers and designers Virgin Galacticdesigned and built a spaceport capable of hosting an exquisite audience on a suborbital flight on VSS Unity. The travel space center is located in New Mexico and London Viewport Studio participated in its creation, and Jeremy Brown, Virgin Galactic Design Director, led the project.

The spaceport building is two-story - on the ground floora waiting room and pre-flight briefing of passengers is located, and on the second a flight control center was placed. A minimalist design is applied, an unusual wave-shaped roof attracts attention. The interior space is open, and huge panoramic windows open up unlimited access to the rear sunlight.

Source: virgingalactic