Arms race from BQ: BQ Tank Max and Tank Quattro Power

BQ has militarized production -undertook to stamp tanks. Following the strange model BQ 2819 Tank Quattro, supporting the work with as many as four sim cards, two more appeared. BQ 3586 Tank Max and BQ 2817 Tank Quattro Power.

BQ 2817 Tank Quattro Power

Everything is clear with the BQ 2817 Tank Quattro Power - herethe battery is large, and everything else, except for thickness and weight, of course, as in the BQ 2819 Tank Quattro. That is, 4 slots for SIM cards (3 micro, 1 mini), a bullshit camera, 2 bright flashlights and a loud speaker. The battery was doubled, but it was already rather big, so it turned out quite seriously - 5000 mAh. He himself can’t eat so much, so the Power Bank function is provided for charging other gadgets.

The choice of colors is blue, green, black and camouflage.

BQ 2817 Tank Quattro Power