Puma has released its version of self-laced sneakers (9 photos + video)

Most recently, Nike introducedAdapt BB basketball sneakers with automatic lacing inspired by Marty McFly's technological shoes from the movie “Back to the Future - 2”. And the novelty already has a competitor in the face of Puma Fi.

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Autodisc, the first prototype of the current news, wasreleased in 2015. But he never hit the shelves. The model was too uncomfortable, heavy and expensive. Now, the developers said they were able to achieve a compromise between convenience, practicality and accessibility.

Each Puma Fi sneaker weighs 428grams, 45 of them are in electronics. At the top of the motor is located responsible for samoznurovki. A waterproof battery was hidden under a soft insole in the compartment near the heel, but it is not waterproof.

To tighten the laces enough fingerhold up in the center of the sneaker module. The latter will determine the desired voltage force. To manually adjust the laces, you can click on the bottom or top of the module. During the lacing process, a blue LED lights up, also indicating the charge level.

The novelty is charging from a wireless docking station. The battery can be obtained and charged in a special case. 1.5 - 2 hours of charging is enough for functioning during a week. Puma Fi is also managed through a mobile application, which is currently available only in versions for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

The cost of new items is $ 330 per pair. Sell ​​it will begin no earlier than one year. A Nike Adapt BB will be on sale for $ 350 in mid-February.