Electric scooter A-Ride high power (5 photos + video)

Indiegogo Canadian crowdfunding venueAlpine Riding started fundraising for the unique A-Ride electric scooter, equipped with a powerful engine that allows you to take walks along city roads and cross country. The unique design and powerful propulsion system turns the scooter into a universal vehicle, positioned by developers as the most powerful in its class.

A-Ride design not availableSeats and all journey the user must make while standing. Nevertheless, a special platform for the user and a low center of gravity give the electric scooter increased stability and allow safe sharp maneuvers at a fairly high speed.

A-Ride is driven by a gear motor1000 watts. As a result, the developers had to artificially reduce the maximum speed to 32 km / h (20 mph) for the US market, where there are speed limits for this type of transport. With the limiter removed, the scooter easily picks up speed to the level of 56 km / h. Also, A-Ride can overcome slopes with a 30-degree slope.

Range of autonomous travel on one chargebattery is 80 km. It takes up to 5 hours to fully charge the battery. Parameters can be controlled using a monitor with a diagonal of 3.5 inches. The screen displays the maximum speed, battery level, total distance traveled, time. The control unit has a USB connector through which you can recharge your smartphone on the way.

The price of the A-Ride scooter upon pre-order is $ 2595, and the first samples will reach consumers in September.

Source: Indiegogo