Saturday coffee #223

The week was not the most interesting for news, but there was something interesting. So, Xiaomi has officially announced that

a series of smartphones Redmi Note 12 will be presented at the end of this month. The manufacturer promises that it will be the first in the world to use two new technologies in devices, but it has not yet announced which ones.

Beeline launched the tariff "Simple" without packagesservices, you can buy them separately. The peculiarity is that the packages have a lifetime (a month, three or indefinitely), depending on this, the cost varies. The tariff is interesting for those who want an additional SIM-card, but do not plan to use it actively, this is such a replacement for the archived "Communication Z". We talked about the new tariff for the week in a separate article:

Tariff "Simple" from beeline - constructor without a monthly fee

Tariff without a monthly fee, a constructor for those who use communication from time to time. A spare SIM card or a niche plan for people on a business trip.

And the government is discussing the dissolution of Rosnano.

Table of Contents

  • New tablets from Apple
  • Headphones for sports
  • New devices with flexible displays
  • Android Go 13 is coming
  • Tank will come to Russia
  • ...and dessert

New tablets from Apple

As insiders said, Apple is on thisweek without noise and dust, or rather, without a presentation, released new devices. So, the manufacturer has updated the iPad Pro series of tablets, but apart from the new M2 processor, Wi-Fi 6E support and the maximum available storage capacity of 2 TB, there are no changes in the devices.

The Apple TV 4K also received a slight update, which received an A15 chipset and a new remote control with a USB-C connector included.


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Saturday coffee #223

Pour a cup of invigorating Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. Apple released new devices, Anker introduced sports headphones, Lenovo showed interesting concepts, and a new brand of cars will appear in Russia ...

Volkswagen Taos test. Nice compact crossover

Volkswagen Taos is the most compact crossover of the German automaker, which came to Russia in the summer of 2021, expanding the company's model range.

Sonos Roam portable speaker review

Smart functionality in a compact package…

Only one got the most updates.product, the base iPad, the 10th generation of which Apple has also quietly added to the site. The model received a new design in the spirit of the iPad Air with the Touch ID scanner, which moved from the front panel to the power button on the end. The screen has also been updated, it is now 10.9 inches versus 10.2 for the previous model, Liquid Retina with a peak brightness of 500 nits, True Tone support, but, as before, with an air gap, that is, this is not the same screen as in the iPad Air four.

Inside is now an A14 Bionic chip, appearedstereo speakers, and the main camera is 12 MP versus 8 MP for the 9th generation. And also the model now supports 5G networks, and the Lightning connector has been replaced with the current USB-C. The latter, on the one hand, is great, but on the other hand, not so much, since the basic iPad still only supports the first generation Apple Pencil, which uses Lightning for charging. To charge the pen from the new tablet, the user is offered to buy a special adapter for $9.

But in general, the device turned out to be interesting, itcomes in bright new colors, and as an option, it offers a new Magic Keyboard Folio that clings to the iPad in the manner of the Microsoft Surface.

10th generation iPad starts at $449US dollars, and the top configuration will cost 749 US dollars. At the same time, Apple has kept the 9th generation of the tablet in the current line, which now costs from $329. In basic configurations, the new iPad is quite interesting, but if we are talking about expensive modifications, there is a temptation to look in the direction of the same iPad Air 5.

And yes, the new iPadOS 16 will be released on October 24th.

And here I got an iPhone 14 Pro, and aftera few days there were some thoughts about the "dynamic island". So, if within the framework of the presentation the idea looked great, then in practice everything is not so rosy. The first thing I noticed: the slot of the island does not cause a wow effect, it just gives the impression that your “eyebrow” has peeled off and slid down. That is, when switching from iPhone X and older, you will not discover anything new for yourself. Secondly, you don’t even pay attention to the player and other applications in the “dynamic island” while interacting with the device, perhaps here you need to get used to such a new interface element, but I could not do this for almost a week. And the third point, some solutions related to working inside Dynamic Island look far-fetched, the same player with a tiny “dot” of the album cover looks pointless, and more or less useful implementation is only a timer and other applications that clearly show the countdown .

If we talk about Apple, we have here such a comparison of the flagships:

Buyer's guide. Compare Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Compare two flagships and two worlds - iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Headphones for sports

Anker under the Soundcore brand on thisintroduced the new Sport X10 wireless headphones this week. According to the manufacturer, they are designed to provide maximum comfort during training: special locking hooks rotate 210 ° and allow you to choose the perfect fit for any ear, and the case is protected from moisture according to the IPX7 standard.

Headphones support bass boost technologyBassUp, and in the settings of the proprietary application there are 22 preset equalizer profiles for every taste. While talking on the phone, the noise reduction system becomes active, and while jogging, you can turn on the "transparency mode" to hear the surrounding sounds.

Sport X10 can work up to 8 hours offline, and together with the case, the battery life can reach 32 hours. 10 minutes of recharging in the case gives the headphones up to 2 hours of use.

The novelty has already gone on sale at a price of 6,999 rubles.

Headphones are the more affordable option.the same Beats Powerbeats Pro, even the color schemes are similar, and Soundcore sound might even be better. The only point that confuses: the release says about customizable touch buttons for the Sport X10, but I want to believe that this is a mistake in the product description. It’s just that sports headphones and touch keys are incompatible things, since it will be inconvenient to press the sensors with wet hands during training. That's why manufacturers of such products always make the keys physical, I hope Soundcore has them too.

On our website this week, a review of the new headphones from Samsung was released:

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro (SM-R510) TWS Noise Canceling Headphone Review

A new generation of headphones with Hi-Fi sound, water protection, a number of additional settings, but not without flaws - perhaps the reference headphones in their class.

And if we are talking about gadgets for those who play sports, then here is our review of the new watches from Amazfit:

Quick review of Amazfit GTS 4

Cute smartwatch with tons of features: 60Hz AMOLED screen, 150 sports modes, circular polarized GPS antennas, BioTracker 4.0…

Here we wrote about the latest Galaxy Watch:

Spillikins No. 716. Beeline will be sold, MTS is selling - what is happening on the market

Sale of MTS assets and sale of beeline; Elon Musk, Ukraine and Starlink; VoLTE problems; Avito sale, Galaxy Watch5 Pro watch, first impressions.

New devices with flexible displays

This week, a video appeared on the network with prototypes of devices with flexible screens from Lenovo.

A smartphone with a roll-out screen, if notI'm wrong, LG and Oppo have previously demonstrated, here the idea is similar. With a laptop, it's more interesting, the concept is similar to the idea of ​​​​a roll-up TV from the same LG, which even went on sale. Only the question arises whether the case of a laptop with such a solution would be too thick, somewhere it is necessary to hide the folded part of the screen and the opening / closing mechanism. But in general, it's great that manufacturers are looking for new solutions and mechanisms for using flexible displays, it is clear that their market is still in its infancy, but I see the future behind such gadgets. So, you see, in five years we will see a new iPhone with a flexible screen, and Google, according to rumors, has already resumed work on the folding Pixel Fold, so this product will probably be released in a year or two.


Vladimir Nimin

Operator news: new Tele2 tariff

It seems that the new tariff from Tele2 looks like a great reason to throw a gamepad into your backpack so that you always have it at hand.

Buyer's guide. Comparison of smartphones with a flexible screen, Huawei Mate Xs 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Comparing the flagships of Huawei and Samsung with flexible screens, two worlds and two approaches. Which one is for life, and which one is for exhibitions.

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro: return of the legendary watch?

A simple fitness watch with a large screen…

Lenovo Tab 12 Pro review: A worthy alternative to Samsung

This tablet was supposed to be officially presented in early March, and I was given it at a gallop under the NDA for a short acquaintance in February.

We have already talked about the “roll” Oppo smartphone:

A new smartphone form factor with a flexible roll screen. First Impressions

How a smartphone with a roll-up screen looks and feels. Oppo X 2021 prototype impressions.

And here is our article about Huawei, which also produces smartphones with flexible displays, however, here we are talking about something else:

Huawei: we must make survival the most important guideline

How Huawei cuts to the quick, removes product categories, reduces development and prepares for the biggest crisis in history. An abrupt change of course, which gives us a good example.

Android Go 13 is coming

Google has announced a new versionlightweight operating system Android 13 Go. According to Google, there are already 250 million devices running Android Go around the world. Android Go is designed to manage mobile phones with limited RAM and small main storage. Google offers Android 13 Go users an extension of the Material You system. The user will have the opportunity to choose one of four color schemes based on their wallpaper, and the new operating system has added an optimized version of Google Play, which will not take up much space on the phone and at the same time will keep it up to date due to updates of both applications and and security features. The first phones with Android 13 Go should appear in 2023. The new operating system will require at least 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of main storage to run.

If at the dawn of the light versionAndroid, which was introduced in 2017, users, and manufacturers, somehow did not take it seriously, and devices (the first came out in 2018) running on it could be counted on the fingers, but now the situation has changed. If it seems to you that there are still few smartphones on Android Go, then you are mistaken, since almost the entire lower price segment of smartphones now runs on this version of the OS, and manufacturers simply do not indicate this moment directly in the specifications, apparently not wanting to scare off buyers . There is nothing wrong with using lightweight Android, it’s just that the OS is better suited to work on weak hardware, and even Google itself makes sure that manufacturers producing budget smartphones follow its recommendations and don’t try to get around them.

And we have a review of the Google Pixel 6a this week:

Google Pixel 6a review: a reliable smartphone!

Affordable smartphone from Google: nice design, great battery life, good cameras and a clean OS…

And we had more about Google here:

Friday of the future: about the new successes of AI and Starlink, about the new OS from Google and how water was turned into a philosopher's stone

Intel's Thunderbolt 5 connector, US continued fight against Chinese microelectronics, cellulose rubber, safe transport of hydrogen, and the human brain as a quantum computer.

Tank will come to Russia

Great Wall Motor Company until the end of 2022will launch SUVs under the Tank brand on the Russian market. In Russia, the line will be represented by two models: Tank 300 and Tank 500. The vehicles are based on the modular Tank platform developed by Great Wall Motor. As the main features of the platform, the developers distinguish 8- and 9-speed automatic transmissions with torque converters, ground clearance of 220 mm, the ability to force ford up to 900 mm deep, all-wheel drive with locking rear and front cross-axle differentials and a set of driver assistance systems. The price of Tank SUVs for Russian buyers has not yet been disclosed.

The Tank 300 model is visually similar to the Haval Dargo,which was released not so long ago in Russia and which we have already talked about, the same concept of a brutal SUV, gravitating towards the design of American cars. But the Tank 500 visually looks like a competitor to the Toyota Land Cruiser. By the way, Great Wall Motor began to act like Chery, bringing several brands to our market at once. The latter has Chery, Exeed and Omoda, while the former has the Great Wall itself (two pickups are on the market), the well-known Haval and here is the new Tank brand.

Haval Dargo test. Brutal Chinese. Part 1.

The Haval Dargo crossover is one of the few and probably the most interesting novelty of this year on the Russian market.

Yes, and here I once again watched live ChanganUni-K, it turned out to be a very nice car, such a symbiosis of the Audi Q8 and Porsche Cayenne Coupe, and the model is in light gray, which is similar to that of Porsche.

...and dessert

Last week, the Avito service slipped me an adabout selling seals for the iPhone, so that with a flick of the wrist, a used iPhone can be turned into a new one. I recommend being vigilant when buying a new smartphone from Apple in dubious stores or from hands, since seals on the box are not yet a guarantee of a new device.

Yes, I also saw that in the Apple TV + service on FridayOn October 21, the second season of Acapulco will be released. I urgently watched the first season and was completely satisfied with this light comedy, so I look forward to continuing and I hope that it will turn out to be no worse.

Saturday coffee #222

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