Portable personal computer in a backpack form factor (5 photos)

A lover of computer battles unfoldingin a virtual universe, he created a computer that allows the player to get rid of additional wires when traveling in the computer world. The gamer simply takes the computer with him, placing it on his back, following the example of a backpack.

Enthusiast, known on the Reddit resource under the nicknameDavegus91, shared an image of a relatively compact, but full-fledged computer, assembled independently in a backpack form factor. Now Davegus91 is ready to fully explore the virtual Half-Life: Alyx universe.

Backpack computer runs on Intel i7 processor9700K (4.7 GHz), received a GTX 1070 graphics card, and for the input and control system, the inventor used a 5-inch touchscreen tablet with a resolution of 720 x 480.

Offline for two hours of playSupports 340 Wh battery. The main and so far the only application of such a backpack computer is games in virtual reality, in a completely autonomous mode, without communication with the real world using cables and wires.

Source: Reddit