#Echo172. Self-replacing the screen on the iPhone

Hi all.

It's sunny outside, but I still haven't taken my ultra-light down jacket to the dry cleaners. Last summer

It was abnormally hot, so, apparently, this year we will be freezing. Probably not bad.

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  • Summer travel
  • When will China take over Taiwan?
  • Magic Apple
  • About Apple Pay
  • Apple Repair Kit: Screen, Battery, Camera Replacement
  • 200 MP cameras
  • Conclusion

Summer travel

At the weekend I visited Torzhok, which is positioned in guidebooks as an ideal example of a county town of the 19th century.

Torzhok is a small town of 50,000 inhabitants, 250 kilometers from Moscow, which can be reached in 3 hours with a change in Tver.

Fate did not indulge Torzhok with its attention, so the whole history of the city is based on stories about what great historical figures passed through it.

It was amusing to read Pushkin's memoirs, how hetraveled from Moscow to Petersburg. So, Alexander Sergeevich complained about the terrible roads, his stroller constantly broke down, requiring minute repairs. And blacksmiths oppressed, wringing prices. Still, nothing changes. The roads are still terrible, only blacksmiths have retrained as auto mechanics.

While exploring the city, I realized a curious fact.

Torzhok was founded by the Novgorodians as an outpost fortransshipment of goods on the border with the Tver Principality. The Tvertsa River was navigable and was part of the route "from the Varangians to the Greeks." Over time, Novgorodians decided that it was possible not only to store goods here, but also to sell them immediately. The name of the city comes from its task - trade.


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Saturday coffee #201

Pour a cup of fragrant Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. Yandex opened a pre-order for a new column, VKontakte launched a messenger, Huawei held a global presentation, and LEGO offers to put together a picture…

Haval F7 test. Big, beautiful… Chinese

According to "AUTOSTAT" in February 2020Chinese automakers sold 3,208 new cars in Russia, up 35.9% from a year ago. The Haval brand has become the leader among manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom.

Honor 30. Drowned and crashed.

A saga with a happy ending about how you can break and drown a phone with splash protection and get off with a slight fright, and also learn interesting news about a profitable repair.

However, since it was a transshipment point, in other words, a warehouse on a trade route, the trade was wholesale. And the wholesale trade is not just a trade, but a MARKET! That was the first name of this town.

By the way, the inhabitants of Torzhok are called Novotorzhtsy, because the old bargaining was in Novgorod.

I want to apologize to the MTS operator, overnames of tariffs which always laughed. This is not MegaFon and Beeline with their infamous naming (VIP tariffs, SuperCITY, First Gigi and others). But it turns out that MTS honors traditions, keeps the memory of the language. Directly not MTS, but MTSISHCHE! Low bow for the tariff. The only pity is that there is no more unlimited!

Torzhok struck to the depths of the soul with devastation anddesolation. It seems that there is not a single normal road in the city. And all the main attractions are temples, churches and cathedrals of varying degrees of decay.

So, in Ilyinsky Church (next to the mainthe tourist center of the city is located) instead of icons, what is inside, what is outside is printed pictures. There was a furniture store in the boarded-up St. George's Church, next to the main square of the city. The peeling Borisoglebsky Cathedral is boarded up, although it looks very picturesque from afar (but the gate bell tower has been restored). The Resurrection Convent of the 16th century is used as some kind of factory (there are machines inside), and the linen is dried around.

Communication in the city is not the fastest, but people are likeyou can guess, they do not live well. Until now, Tricolor TV is held in high esteem. But the youth is no different from St. Petersburg and Moscow. While walking around the city, I watched and heard snippets of conversations. A couple of guys on the bench were excitedly discussing how to launch NFT, another company was discussing where they could buy some trendy sneakers at a bargain price. And the girls walk around the city, buried in instagrams and tik-toks (apparently, mentally they are no longer in Torzhok).

After visiting any Russianprovincial town, I always have the same thought. How can we focus so actively on foreign policy, promise to rebuild something there, when it would be nice to help ourselves first?

I certainly recommend Torzhok for a visit. But you need to go only in the summer and in good weather. There is an application izi travel, in which audio tours and key points for review are indicated.

When will China take over Taiwan?

Meanwhile, digital nationalism is on the rise as countries become more jealous of their data and technology. Around the world, laws of varying degrees of severity are being considered and adopted.

For example, in India, they are thinking about what data can be shared and what should be stored internally.

The Biden administration is drafting bills against specific countries. For example, he wants to ban China from any access to the personal data of Americans.

Similar processes are taking place in the European Union. Well, about Russia and China, and so everything has long been clear.

It may seem to you that ordinary people aredoes not concern. However, it is not. For example, if the bill being developed is passed in the United States, then Americans will not be able to use Chinese applications for fitness trackers. Or the Chinese will be forced to rent data processing power in the United States.

This can affect us, for example, if you want to buy a smartphone from the USA. It will be necessary to reflash under Russia.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has introduced a lawimplying 12 years in prison for stealing technology. Thus, the country is trying to fight the brain drain to China. The latter is actively luring Taiwanese out of the chipset industry, not skimping on salaries. China is actively working on creating its own chipsets and processors, as it does not want to be dependent on the United States.

Currently, there are more than 50processor companies. The government is generously pouring money into the industry, handing out multi-million dollar subsidies. However, according to industry professionals such as Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, for the foreseeable future (horizon of 10 years), China will not be able to produce advanced integrated circuits. Research company IC Insight shared an interesting chart.

This is the production capacitycountries producing integrated circuits. For example, South Korea, like Taiwan, produces the entire set of chips, from microns to those that are less than 10 nanometers. While China can independently produce 14 nm or 28 nm microcircuits, if we talk about the most advanced technologies available to the Chinese (by the way, Europeans and the United States are also actively investing in the development of their own production capacities).

China faces a difficult task, which requires 15-20 years of hard work. What do you think, a chicken by the grain or immediately grab a whole barn, capturing Taiwan?

Magic Apple

Choosing a smartphone for a girl, I wrote a text aboutcompact flagship (link below). I left the choice to her, but tried to describe the advantages and disadvantages of both Android and iPhone. As a result, I received a funny answer that, of course, it would be more rational to choose Android (we were talking about the Galaxy S22), but I would still be happier with the iPhone. That's what they decided on.

By the way, along the way, I conducted a small survey of iPhone owners, how they live. And I was very surprised.

First, none of the people I spoke tobelieves that Apple is to blame for the disabling of Apple Pay and restrictions on payment for applications. Blame the international payment systems, the Russian government, the American government, President Biden personally, President Putin personally, as well as gay people (roughly) in general.

And one friend actually said thata broken iPhone is such a motivator for him to leave Russia faster, finding a job in the sweet West, where everything will work again. I don't even know what to say here...

Choosing a compact flagship in 2022

The best compact smartphones with great features on the market.

Apple, of course, is generally well done.The company knows how to translate arrows. At the end of that week, a wonderful advertisement came out. According to the plot, the girl goes to an auction where her personal data is sold - mail, transactions, purchases of medicines, etc. Angry, the girl grabs her iPhone and starts to block apps from tracking her. With each new blocking, lots and buyers evaporate. The girl is jubilant.

According to Apple, data brokers are to blame, andthe company itself is a knight on a white horse. And this, as you know, is a lie. After all, what did Apple do? She forbade collecting statistics to third-party offices, closing everything on herself. Apparently, it is implied that Apple is like a doctor or a confessor who can know everything about his patients.

About Apple Pay

In the wake of the material that the Izhevsk court recognized the Apple Pay shutdown as legal, from “5 News for Monday” I received an interesting letter from our reader, lawyer Maxim Osipkin from Volgograd:

I am a practicing lawyer with over 20 years of experience.and I am watching with interest what is happening now in the country from the point of view of the legal field. The decision of the court in Izhevsk, and this was most likely the court of first instance, is not an indicator and a guideline. In practice, there were cases of satisfaction of such requirements and, most likely, the authors of this claim are aware of them.

Maxim shared an interesting precedent asThe woman sued Adidas. In short, I bought watches and sports trackers from Adidas for the whole family to play sports using a branded application. However, then the company decided to close the application, because of which, according to the woman, fitness bracelets and trackers ceased to perform the functions for which they were purchased.

The Supreme Court concluded that “the right of the consumer needs to be considered more broadly. This is the right to a quality thing. And bracelets and fitness trackers without applications have ceased to be such.

Accordingly, the question now is whetheriPhone or Apple Watch to be a quality thing if it is impossible to pay with it? After all, the presence of an NFC module in a smartphone is a rather important point, for which people are often ready to overpay.

5 news for Monday

Glasses of virtual reality from Apple; AvdanOS: what will replace Windows; the court decided that disabling Apple Pay is legal.

Apple Repair Kit: Screen, Battery, Camera Replacement

Since we are talking about Apple, I would like to touch on another interesting topic. It has been said several times that Apple's decision to allow self-repair will positively affect the entire industry.

I will briefly recall the main theses.

Modern smartphones are disposable products,which are difficult and expensive to repair. Theoretically, the possibility of self-repair by the average buyer implies that the process should be simplified. He also said that Apple's initiative will lead to an industry shift and other manufacturers will also begin to offer self-repair options. In principle, it is: Samsung and Google are already working on it.

Another conclusion was the potentialopportunism of smartphone manufacturers. It is unprofitable for them that the user is engaged in repairs. Let the new smartphone buy better. And I assumed that Apple, although it gives the possibility of self-repair, will do it in such a way that no one wants to do this. I said this with irony, because at that time, to be honest, I had no idea how exactly you could discourage the buyer from wanting to engage in masturbation, and not go to the workshop or get a new smartphone. Now it's clear!

The Verge published material, the author of which decided to replace the battery in his iPhone 13 Mini on his own.

So, last month Apple launched in the USself-repair program that replaces the battery, screen, bottom speaker, SIM tray, vibration motor, or cameras on the iPhone 12 and 13 and SE 3rd generation models.

On the site you can download instructions on how to make repairs.

Decided to see how to replace the battery on the iPhone13. In the spare parts store, you select the phone model and problem. So, to replace the battery, you can buy either spare parts separately, or immediately a set that includes screws, a battery, and glue to glue the panel back on.


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5 smartphones that you can profitably buy right now

5 good smartphones at very attractive prices.

SJCAM SJ6 Legend is an anti-crisis device three in one: action camera, DVR and webcam

Compact camera with a large 16 MP sensor, 4K video recording and Wi-Fi connection, with two screens…

The set costs $71. However, after repair, you can return the old battery and get a discount of $24.15. Thus, the final price of spare parts will be 46 dollars 84 cents.

However, in addition to parts directly, Appleoffers a set of tools consisting of screwdrivers, suction cups for removing the screen and a press to properly stick the screen, machines to heat the screen (for removal), etc.

Such consumables are expensive, so Apple offers to rent an iPhone 13 Tool Kit for 7 days for $ 49, which includes all the necessary tools and machines.

Accordingly, the total cost of replacing the batterywill be $47 for a battery with parts and another $49 for a 7-day rental tool. Total 96 dollars. For the duration of the rental, $ 1,200 will be blocked on the client’s card in case they do not return or damage something. For comparison, in the official Apple Store, a replacement will cost $69.

Thus, it turns out that it is necessary to change from 3 batteries, so that self-repair is more profitable than a store one. You can save $61 by replacing 5 batteries.

And this is what a set of rented tools looks like. Two huge boxes with a total weight of 35 kilos.

Unpacked, it looks like this.

The Verge reporter's story can be readhere. If laziness, then I can say that the journalist managed, although, as he assures, he had not been involved in repairs before. Not everything turned out easy and smooth for him: he suffered with glue, and when he peeled off the screen, and when he glued it, he fiddled with other little things. In principle, everything is logical: he is not a professional.

At the end, after the reverse assembly of the smartphone, it is describedfunny moment that the iPhone didn't recognize the original battery. This is a special check from Apple. After the repair, you need to restart the iPhone in service mode and contact Apple support from the computer, which will remotely connect to the iPhone and verify the installed parts.

Here is such a story. Apple really gave the opportunity to self-repair, but who will do this? Probably a fired father with many children, whose entire family uses iPhones.

However, the possibility of repair is still pleasing. Here are the prices for replacing the camera unit, screen, speaker and vibration motor on the iPhone 13 Pro.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the price ofreplacement is exactly the same as in the official service center. So, replacing the screen of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the official Apple Store costs $ 329. If you repair yourself, you will have to pay 278.36 for parts (assuming you send back the broken screen and unused parts) + $49 for the tool kit. Total 328 dollars.

Apple did everything elegantly.Now Apple fans will walk around and tell what a caring company it is - and updates have been coming for many years, and self-repair is available. But the prices are such that it’s easier to take it to the service center, where a professional will do everything better and faster.

On the other hand, dashing trouble is the beginning.Perhaps in the future prices will decrease, and the repair process will be simplified. Still, Apple itself is unprofitable for $ 49 to rent tools. Transporting two huge suitcases weighing 35 kilos should cost a pretty penny.

Samsung is due to launch its program in the U.S. this summer, enabling self-repair of the Galaxy S20 and S21 smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet.

200 MP cameras

A couple of years ago I did a material about camerassmartphones, in which he mentioned that Samsung is developing modules for 200 MP. Time flies quickly and the first smartphones with Samsung ISOCELL HP1 module will hit the market in July.

Motorola has published a teaser of the new smartphone in the Chinese social network Weibo.

According to the leaks, the smartphone will look like this.

The final photo is expected to becollapse to 12.5 MP. Thus, the size of the combined pixel will be 2.56 microns. Obviously, the photomodule will show the greatest increase in quality when shooting in difficult light conditions.

However, one should not expect that the new Motorola will immediately become the best photo flagship. In the era of computational photography, algorithms rule the world. But it's definitely interesting to watch.

I can say that I personally do not like 108 MPcameras. With them, it is impossible, for example, to clearly remove the text of a document close up, and fuzziness, blurring and distortion are visible along the edges of the photo. Maybe there are no such problems in 200 MP modules?

By the way, since we started talking about Motorola.In the near future, a new foldable Motorola Razr 3 awaits us. And this time the smartphone will receive the flagship Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. Finally, Motorola began to understand that a fashion smartphone must have not only a stylish entourage, but also top-end hardware.


Last but not least, add some positivity.Difficult times lie ahead of us. In the sense that it will be even more difficult than now. And this applies to the whole world. Electronics manufacturers feel this too. News comes from China that all manufacturers are unanimously lowering forecasts and reducing orders. Oppo and Vivo cut plans by 20%. Xiaomi, which expects to ship more than 200 million smartphones in a year, has now set the bar at 160-180 million. Apple has also cut orders. First of all, this applies to budget models.

An interesting point that manufacturers expectfalling sales due to a decrease in purchasing power in China (and, of course, a growing shortage). However, China is only the first domino. And if the huge Chinese market continues to stagnate, it will exacerbate an already difficult situation in the world.