Dogs extend the life of their owners

According to a new study published inin the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, as well as a meta-analysis based on numerous studies, the life expectancy of dog owners is longer than that of other pets. Having a four-legged friend in your home also helps to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, especially after a heart attack or stroke, as well as those who live alone.

Dog is man’s best friend. Thanks to them, we live longer

How do pets affect health?

In the past, scientists regularly conductedstudies, the results of which again and again testified that loneliness and lack of exercise adversely affect health. In the aforementioned study on dog owners, experts wondered how the dog affects the health of patients. In addition, previous studies have also shown that having a dog reduces social isolation, increases physical activity, and lowers blood pressure. These data led researchers to conclude that the best friends of a person have a positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system, compared with the owners of other pets.

During the study, scientists decided to comparethe health status of dog owners and other pets, as well as those who do not have pets. It turned out that in patients with a dog, the risk of death after hospitalization as a result of a heart attack was as much as 33% lower than among patients without a dog. At the same time, the risk of death for patients who lived with a partner, a child and a dog was 15% lower compared to the same conditions, but without the person’s best friend. But for owners of dogs who had a stroke, the risk of death after hospitalization decreased by 27% and 12% lower in single patients and patients who live with a partner, a child and a dog.

Walking with a dog in the park is the best cure

The meta-analysis revealed similar toresearch results. For analysis, researchers examined about 4 million patient data from ten independent studies. The results suggest that dog owners after a heart attack have a 65% risk reduction in death and 31% as a result of problems associated with cardiovascular disease. Dog owners generally die 24% less often than others.

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Do I need to get a dog?

According to Glenn Levin, MDThe American Cardiology Association's studies have provided high-quality evidence that a dog in your home reduces the risk of premature death from heart disease. Nevertheless, he emphasized that non-randomized studies cannot 100% prove that living with a dog directly leads to a reduction in the risk of premature death, but the data obtained indicate this.

Relationships with the pet should be built on mutual respect

According to a professor at Uppsala University,Professor of Uppsala University, D. Tove Fall, is aware that social exclusion is a significant risk factor for health and premature death. According to him, keeping a dog provides excellent motivation for physical activity, which is an integral part of rehabilitation and mental health.

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So if you don’t know whether it is worth startingdog or not, be sure to consider that this is a pretty healthy decision. Of course, from the point of view of protecting animals, dogs should only be purchased by people who really love them and want to give their pet a beautiful and happy life.