Chinese Mobile Phone Market Decreased by 27.5%

The Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology reported that the Chinese domestic market

mobile phones fell by 27 in October.5%, to the level of 24.4 million units. In this volume of shipments, 5G-enabled models accounted for 19.5 million devices. The decrease in sales of 5G-enabled models was slightly smaller compared to the total sales of smartphones and amounted to 26.6%. In total, for the period from January to October, 21.9% fewer smartphones were sold in China compared to the same period last year. During this time, 220 million smartphones were sold in the Chinese market, and 173 million devices fell to the share of models with 5G support. The share of such models for the entire period was 78.4%. In October alone, 33 new models appeared on the market, of which 20 models supported 5G, and in just a year, 338 new models were released to the market.