Supermarkets "Perekrestok" and "Pyaterochka" will introduce payment with customer identification by face

Modern retail successfully continuesintroduction of high technologies that provide fast and comfortable service and, which is especially important in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, increased safety for users. The service introduced by Sberbank, Visa payment system and X5 Retail Group for contactless payment with face identification will help reduce the contact between the buyer and the supermarket staff.

As of today, payment using the newthe technology is available in 50 Perekrestok stores, and over the next three weeks their number will grow to 150. Next month, Moscow's Pyaterochka stores will also introduce the ability to pay with face identification.

The underlying biometric identificationthe technology is based on the platform created in the X5 Innovation Laboratory and VisionLabs technology. Payment for face identification is possible only at self-service cash desks for Sberbank customers who are the owners of bank cards of the bank. The user only needs to lower the protective mask in front of the self-service checkout camera and then pay even without presenting a card or other documents.

Considering that Sberbank is an acquiring banknetwork X5 Retail Group, theoretically the service can be connected in all 5 thousand enterprises of the retail chain. This possibility will be explored by the company after evaluating the results of the pilot project in selected retail outlets.

Source: rbc