Can smartphone addiction kill a person?

Our smartphones were originally conceived asdevices to make a person’s life better in every way. They combine a means of communication, a source of information, a navigation device and many other useful functions. But is the smartphone so safe for our lives, as we all think?

Many scientists agree that smartphonesfar more people can be killed each year than the Ebola virus, so hotly debated in recent months. And after all, if you listen to these scientists, you can understand that they are not far from the truth. For many people, a smartphone is perhaps the best "electronic friend", but is this friend safe for human health?

Let's omit the topic of radiation harmful to us,since it is unlikely that smartphones can somehow worsen the already sad situation on our planet. Every day we are exposed to a wide variety of exposures from various devices, so I will not discuss this topic in the framework of this material. Everyone already knows how this affects our health.

Much more interesting is the topic of human stupidity,because of which many more people are dying than you might think. After the recent death of a medical student, this topic has become very relevant. Let me remind you that the 23-year-old Sylvia Rachel from Poland tried to take a successful selfie on her smartphone, hanging from the Spanish Puente de Triana bridge, but could not resist and fell from a five-meter height, after which she died from a head bang on a concrete surface below.

And this is not an isolated case. Many people take pictures of themselves against dangerous animals, against a background of tornadoes, active volcanoes and other dangers. What is it? Courage and dementia or an attempt to stand out from other individuals? Would people risk their lives if they did not know what a “selfie” and a smartphone with a built-in camera are? Maybe they would, but much less often. But when modern fashion dictates its own rules - few can resist the temptation to take a chance and take a picture of the year with their participation.

People love their smartphones so much that they’re prettyoften sacrifice very important components of their life. We go to bed with a smartphone, wake up next to it, we fall in love with a smartphone in our hands and part with people by sending them an SMS message. It is not surprising that soon people will start to prefer smartphones and completely stop communicating for real. What awaits us then? Will we stop breeding? Watch this video, which pretty accurately displays the current situation with our attachment to these gadgets.

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Smartphones represent the greatest dangerfor those people who are completely and completely immersed in the process of typing SMS, reading news or tweets on the go, as well as talking on the phone at times when they need maximum concentration of attention. From time immemorial people have come across poles and various objects. But with the advent of smartphones, people began to perish naturally from their carelessness and distraction.

Do you need proof of my words? In a survey conducted by Square Trade researchers among residents of the UK, it turned out that 86% of respondents at least once put their lives at risk or even got injured because of their smartphones and their own inattention. Smartphones really really distract us from the world around us. People fall from a height, get into car crashes, crash into pillars on the go and much, much more.

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A vivid example of the relevance of this problem canto serve Japan, where in 2013 alone the number of accidents increased by 50%, which is solely the fault of smartphones. Most often, people who stumble into their smartphone are hit by a car when they cross the road. They simply do not see or hear anything around them. So far, the number of such incidents in Japan does not exceed fifty, but you must admit that with such a trend it will only get worse.

American company AT&T in the course of researchI found out that among motorists who like to type SMS messages while they are driving, 98% of respondents are aware that this poses a danger to them and pedestrians, while 75% of respondents are not going to refuse in the future his addiction. The reason for this is simple: they just think that they are able to do several things at the same time without harming themselves and others.

Meanwhile, statistics clearly show that chanceget into an accident when you type an SMS message, 23 times higher than when you are completely focused on the road. About 3,000 people die each year in such car crashes in the United States alone.

Let's talk about what we do if noteverything, then almost all owners of smartphones. Yes, I want to talk with you about the fact that we are unaccustomed to visit the toilet without our favorite gadget. After all, it is so convenient that you can take your electronic friend with you to the "abode of solitude." Nevertheless, many scientists do not recommend doing this in any case. And here is the thing.

In our toilets, whatever they areseemed clean to you, a variety of microbes live. Over time, these pathogens are deposited on the screens and cases of our smartphones, accumulating and multiplying there with great speed. We wash our hands after the toilet, but it’s unlikely that you wash your smartphone after each such trip. But these bacteria can negatively affect your health later, when you talk on the phone, and after that reach for a dirty hand for food during the lunch break at work.

Besides the obvious problems that werelisted above, we can single out another, which is not so striking to our eyes. There are a number of psychological deviations that are characteristic of owners of smartphones, manically dependent on them. In adolescence, for example, psychiatrists note an increased level of anxiety, depression and behavior problems in those adolescents who do not get out of their smartphones for days on end. Of course, this is a moot point, but I believe that many parents should pay at least a little attention to this. Everything should have a measure. And if a person ceases to live in reality, completely "moving" inside his smartphone - this is a serious reason to think.

To summarize all of the above, we can only doone conclusion: you need to be less dependent on modern technology. Yes, they really help us in life. But we should not forget that there are a million other equally important things in our lives that should also be given attention. No need to refuse real communication with people close to us. You need to meet with friends in order to talk and look into their eyes, and not sit staring at the screen of your smartphone. Isn’t it scary that some people don’t part with their smartphones even during sex?

Need to know the measure in your obsession with hightechnology and always remember that you should protect your health from all kinds of dangers that constantly surround us. It should be borne in mind that a smartphone is an excellent source of information and entertainment, but it is unlikely that it will help us if a truck moves us when we are distracted by the phone, crossing the road.

I’m happy to hear your opinion on this matter,dear readers. After all, the topic is really relevant and very relevant in our time. Let us discuss and discuss this issue together.