Americans published a photo of the Chinese coronavirus (3 photos)

The problem of Chinese coronavirus has affectedalmost every person on the planet. Particular attention is drawn to the efforts of scientists seeking to develop a panacea for the epidemic raging in China. The American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Research (NIAID), together with Rocky Mountains Laboratories (RML), distributed the first photographic image of the COVID-19 virus. The photo was taken using a scanning electron microscope. The appearance of the virus causes neither fear nor hostility, until you get acquainted with the statistics of the COVID-19 death trip on the planet.

In photographs of microparticles taken from a patient,infected in the United States, parts of the yellow virus are shown at the time of exit from the cell (blue and pink). The color gamut of the photo is conditional, intended for a better perception of the image.

The second picture already demonstrates a developed virus with crown-shaped processes. Which caused the appearance of such a name in the disease.

The coronavirus itself has many modifications,among which are already known SARS, SARS and MERS, a respiratory disease whose epidemic was recorded in Korea in 2015. Differences in virus models are at the gene level. Five nucleotide differences have already been found, which explains the difference in the course of diseases.

Source: flickr