Xiaomi Hybrid Wireless Headphones

Xiaomi already has engineers in its arsenalhigh-quality and inexpensive headphones, but the tireless developers have created a new gadget that has an unusual design. Headphones are able to work both wirelessly and in traditional mode with wires. Previously, this option was available only for full-size models of headphones, but Xiaomi proposed an option for compact models.

The new device has a gold-plated connectorMMCX for connecting to traditional cables. Cables are provided as standard for connecting to devices with a 3.5 mm jack.

When operating wirelesslyuses communication via bluetooth. Xiaomi's new headphone model supports the LDAC codec, providing enhanced sound quality transmitted wirelessly. The headphones are certified according to the Hi-Res Audio standard, which indicates the high quality of the broadcasted digital sound.

The headphone housing is made of special ceramic, which is not only resistant to mechanical damage, but also provides a cleaner sound by reducing acoustic distortion.

Headphones can already be purchased upon reservation for $ 99, and in retail they will appear at a price of $ 127.

Source: gizchina