Boeing chose the finalists of the competition of personal flying vehicles (9 photos + 3 videos)

The second stage of the GoFly contest of the company is completed.Boeing, whose goal is to create an individual flying vehicle with vertical take-off and landing. Released in the final will receive 50 thousand dollars to create a working prototype, ready for real competitions in the air. The winner will receive $ 1.5 million.

Prototype Flykart2 equipped with 10 engines with bladesintegrated into a single package. The user is located in the center of the structure and is protected from working blades with reliable covers. The main drawback of the design of developers from Trek Aerospace is the weight and, as a result, high fuel consumption.

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Eva aviabike from the team Aeroxo is equipped with the 16th motor,arranged in four groups of four engines. Each group is equipped with a turning mechanism, which turns the Eva Aviabike into a full-fledged convertoplane. The blades during takeoff are located horizontally, but as the climb of the group of engines unfold and increase the vertical thrust. The pilot is located in a closed glass capsule, which provides for flights at high speeds.

Project Silverwing S1 also has the ability to change position fromvertical to horizontal. In this case, the pilot has problems with visibility, which complicates the management of transport. Yes, and the safety of the pilot is also in doubt.

Mechanism Airboard 2.0 Something similar to the air analogue of the Segway. The platform on which the pilot stands, contains 8 pillars and eight engines. To control the flight vehicle used two levers. The team of Dragonair from the state of Florida already has an initial prototype, which demonstrates the device in action. It is easily lifted into the air, balanced and its flight seems stable and relaxed, but how safe the Airboard 2.0 is is a big question.

Flying individual vehicle Aria from the University of Texas A & M developerssupplied with an egg-like cockpit for the pilot, which was installed on a platform with a pair of huge rotating in opposite directions fans. In the air, the flight of a flying motorcycle looks quite stable. Now I would like to see his tests in open space and with reliable protection of the blades.