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Artificial Intelligence Learned to Recognize People by Their Dance Manners

There is hardly a person in the world who doesn’tloves music. We listen to her with headphones even on the way to work, and if she sounds at home and especially in any club, few people can refrain from dancing. Recently, scientists from Finland wanted to find out if artificial intelligence can recognize music by the way a person dances under it. It turned out that for a computer this is a rather difficult task, but in the course of the study, the authors of the scientific work managed to make another discovery. It turned out that by the manner of dance it is very possible to determine the personality of a person. Recognition accuracy is as much as 94%, so we can say that a person’s dance style is individual in the same way as his fingerprints. But how did scientists find this out?

In the world there are practically no equally dancing people

The study conducted by Finnish scientists wasnarrated in a scientific publication called Journal of New Music Research. According to the author of the scientific work Emily Carlson, initially they wanted to find out whether it is possible to determine by the manner of dancing a person to the music of which genre he is dancing. In the course of their research, they used the motion capture technology used in the cinema, also known as motion capture technology. They asked a group of 73 men and women to dance to the sound of the blues, country and other genres of music the way they want. But the computer algorithm they created was able to determine the musical genre by the movements of people with an accuracy of no more than 30%. But the researchers found that the dancing manners of each person are almost as unique as fingerprints.

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How to dance?

Since each person dances in his own way, you canto say that the ideal dance style simply does not exist. In the course of the study, scientists observed how most people shake their heads to almost any kind of music, regardless of its genre. This detail confused artificial intelligence - since this movement was observed in almost every dance, it was extremely difficult to determine the genre of sounding music.

Did you know that in Russia until the 17th century, dances were called exclusively “dances”?

But in the movements of each person there are uniquetraits that artificial intelligence can determine its identity to an accuracy of 94%. Perhaps in the future, a system for recognizing human movements will be implemented in surveillance cameras in nightclubs to recognize people who are wanted. However, it may be that a person’s dance manners change with age. Researchers are still not sure about this, but in the future they intend to identify factors that can affect human movements.

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Well, now we know that artificialintelligence, among other things, also knows how to recognize a person by the manner of his movement. But recently, scientists managed to find out that computer algorithms are able to recognize even human emotions. According to experts on machine learning, in the future, artificial intelligence will not only be able to solve crimes, but also help personnel departments to choose the best candidates for work. For example, having studied a person’s face, computer algorithms will be able to tell how well a certain person will cope with the tasks assigned to him.